Involve: With Kloudymail, Collect Contacts Anywhere With Android Tablet!

Kloudymail presents a new way to collect contacts and building your database, a useful tool for any type of company and business to make daily activities easier, to be compliant with regulations and have everything at your fingertips.

We are talking about Involve, the latest idea born in Kloudymail, the multi-channel marketing solution designed for any kind of business: it is a tablet already preconfigured by the Kloudymail staff with a customized form that will allow you to collect names, addresses, and telephone numbers easily and without problems in any situations where your job requires it: during daily operation – for example, if you run a bar or a restaurant -, during an exhibition, an event or when you meet  potential  customers for the first time.

Do you like the idea? Then let’s find out something more!

Involve: What It Is And How It Works!

You had several times the need to quickly collect contacts by entering them directly in Kloudymail but you did not have the chance to do so, perhaps because you did not have with you the appropriate device or because you did not know how to extricate yourself in that particular situation, as for example, an exhibition.

Involve is the answer: it is the new proposal by Kloudymail that combines the multi-channel marketing solution with a free loan Android tablet that you can always carry with you and use whenever and wherever you need. In this way you will be compliant with the most recent regulations regarding the processing of personal data, you will see your database growing and as a result you will gradually increase not only business opportunities but also revenue.

What can I do with Involve?

The “Involve pack” is very simple: whether you already use Kloudymail, or whether you are about to start experimenting the potential of our multichannel marketing platform, you can have an Android tablet on free loan.

The device will be delivered to you already preconfigured by our technical and creative staff: already at the first start, you can open, through the customized icon created for you, the custom made multi-channel form for your company.

In which contexts and situations could Involve be useful?

First of all, Involve could be useful for your daily work. Of course, in this case, it depends a lot on your company work area, but if you manage tourist facilities, just to give an example, Involve is the right solution for you. Try to imagine having your Android tablet on the counter or in plain sight at your place, with the personalized multichannel form constantly open: you can ask your contacts to fill it out to stay updated on your news and promotions if they want. The same applies for example to a beauty salon, a business, a bar …

What did you say? Is your structure not part of any of those mentioned? No problem, here are a few examples of how you can take advantage of Involve’s potential:

  • During a exhibition;
  • During an event in which it is possible to make matching;
  • During a meeting with a potential client;
  • During a conference.

Actually, these are just some of the situations in which you can use Involve, because the chances are potentially unlimited. The point is that Involve follows you, keep up with you, with your pace and with your needs and is always at your fingertips.

How will my form be customized?

You will not have to worry about anything: all will be up to our team. A study will be carried out on your coordinated image and then, based on your indications, the form will be customized. Here are some elements that can be customized based on your business and your needs

  • Logo;
  • Form title (e.g. Stay up-to-date on upcoming events!)
  • Form fields;
  • Successful registration and confirmation request messages;
  • Call-to-Action;
  • Background color;
  • Text color.

These are just a few examples: all you need to do is talk to us about your needs and we will create the tailor-made multi-channel form for you.

Involve: Tips&Tricks!

To get the most out of Involve, here are some tips on how to structure your contact-collecting activity through the new Kloudymail solution:

  • You will find yourself working very often in crowded and complex contexts, so we advise you to choose a form with a few essential fields strictly related to your marketing goal linked to the event or specific situation;
  • Always operates with the double opt-in system, it guarantees more both you and your users;
  • Starting from the collected data, plan a series of welcome e-mails and SMS using the Kloudymail automation feature;
  • In the first email, include a valuable content for your new members (an e-book, a discount, a coupon for a gift to be collected in the store …).

Do you like our new proposal? Would you like to know more? First of all, take a look to the page dedicated to Involve on our website and then do not hesitate to contact us via the chat you find on the site, by phone at +39 030.6342300 or by e-mail by writing to

We are waiting for you!