The E-Mail Marketing Strategy For The Winter Sales Season!

Each and everyone of us, when it comes to talking about shopping, look forward to the sales season with some impatience. The winter sales season have just begun and it presents itself bit like a boon: in December we got stuck in expenses between gifts, dinners and holidays and it’s time to tighten our belts a little. The sales season is also very important for the shopkeepers because it represents a very good chance to free the warehouses and fill them again in view of the summer season and obtain, albeit with a lower profit margin than the rest of the year, a fair injection of liquidity.

There are sectors that expect the sales season more than others because of the greater impact on turnover. Let’s think about clothing and footwear, for example. How many of us await the beginning of the sales season to buy the pair of shoes we spotted weeks ago or that sweater that we will use again for at least a couple of months? Many, probably. And the same applies to the shopkeepers: in the sector we mentioned, sales have a high impact on turnover and it is worthwhile taking full advantage of the moment, using all possible channels to promote sales, keeping customers up-to-date and encouraging them to visit our e-commerce or come visit us in our stores. A good strategy should be multi-channel and should, therefore, include our website, online adv, social and targeted e-mail marketing and SMS marketing campaigns

Let’s begin our trip!

The Newsletter For The Sales Season: Goals and Tips & Tricks!

Why is it recommended to send a newsletter to communicate the start of winter sales and maybe emphasize some of the most attractive products? We certainly do not have to tell you what the first goal is, because surely you know it very well: boost sales online, in stores or in both channels.

The Details to be included in the Newsletter for the Sales Season

First of all, we should remind our customers and potential ones of the start and end dates of sales, the chance to take advantage of pre-sale (you could reserve it for those who have the loyalty card of your store). Furthermore, you could include special discount codes to be used on your e-commerce. It is crucial, when planning an e-mail marketing strategy for the sales season, to create our target profile and send targeted messages with specific products: to give a simple example, if we sell clothing, we send our female customers a selection of our promotions for women and, if we want to take a further step, we could try to refine the message by sending the most suitable products according to age. In this way, we increase our chances to increase the interest and the involvement of the ones reading our message. 

The E-Mail Marketing Strategy for The Sales Season

As always, to be able to better target our message and to fully exploit the potential of e-mail marketing and SMS marketing, it is essential that our lists are of good quality. This means that they must not be bought, but you have to build your database with a good marketing strategy. Moreover, gradually we try to refine our strategy to collect as much information as possible on our contacts in order to better profile our target and send more targeted messages. All this is possible thanks to Kloudymail: with our platform, you can also send different messages depending on the “loyalty” of the customer: thanks to the user rating expressed by the stars we can see next to each name, we have the chance to set up targeted campaigns for the most loyal customers who always read us and to plan a different message for those who, for different reasons, have lost interest in our brand. In fact, the sales season is ideal for improving customer loyalty.

How To Set Up The Sales Season Newsletter

In addition to profiling contacts, it is very important to set up the message in the best way possible to get good results from our e-mail marketing campaign for the sales season. The subject of the newsletter is crucial: it must be catchy, encourage the opening of the email and contains “promises” that must necessarily be kept in the message (we do not announce discounts of 70% if our rebates “stop” at 50%). In addition, in the final step of sending the campaign with Kloudymail, we have to remind to check to have not written words that may be wrong to spam filters: it would be a pity to spend time and energy to plan the perfect message and then, for one or two words, see it ending in spam box. While promoting season sales, we should be very direct, informal and friendly in the subject of the newsletter: it is the best way to entice our customers to open our newsletter and browse through our proposals.

In our newsletter, we should show different products, being careful to avoid a confused jumble of items that annoys the reader and does not lead to anything. In a few words, we should give each of our proposals the right relevance within an ordered and understandable newsletter. For each product, add a beautiful image with the former and discounted price, a short descriptive text and a call-to-action (linked to a specific landing page or to the product page in our e-commerce) which could be, for example, “I want it!” or “Buy Now!”. If we do not have an e-commerce but we want to increase the number of customers in our store, we can still use e-mail marketing. In this case, we should avoid a text-only e-mail that announces the start of the sales: it is ok to communicate it, but it is certainly reductive and limits our chances of increasing sales. Try to free your imagination to catch the attention of those who receive your communication using images and a pleasant text while putting emphasis on promotions (if we can, we could give exclusive discount codes). In order to promote more products, a good idea is to use animated images.

In short, sending a newsletter for season sales requires attention but can give us great satisfaction. If you want to know how to create the perfect message with Kloudymail, do not hesitate to contact us: we are here to meet your needs!

5 Marketing Tips for Boosting Back-to-School E-Commerce Sales!

Back-to-school shopping is here and it presents a huge opportunity for retailers to cash in on increased shopping demand. This is one of the best sales periods for e-commerce retailers and if you haven’t made this a focus yet, it’s time to jump on it! Ehi, no needs to be worried: this post provides a marketing checklist so you can structure your campaigns for the end of summer and beginning of fall. Let’s go!

1. What Are Shoppers Looking For?

With the increase in shopping traffic, any retailer should ramp up their marketing for back to school sales. There’s a ton of opportunities and chance within the scope of “back to school.” Furthermore, when consumers are in a buying mode, they tend to fulfill other shopping needs beyond back to school. Anyway, there are a few product categories that receive major interest and traffic. These are:

  • Apparel and accessories;
  • Computers and consumer electronics;
  • Shoes;
  • School supplies;
  • Books, music, and video;
  • Toys and hobby related goods;
  • Sporting goods.

2. Build Your Email List!

E-mail marketing is the most powerful sales channel with ROI up to 4000%! But e-mail marketing is nothing unless you keep focusing on building your database. The more e-mail contacts you have to market to, the more sales opportunities you create. Building your list open up more opportunities. Aside from the benefits of fueling your e-mail marketing engine, list building also provides an effective traffic conversion strategy.

98% of traffic leaves websites without converting. By presenting website visitors with an e-mail pop up, you can convert a higher percentage of bounce traffic. This justifies investments in paid traffic and enhances overall traffic conversion. You can also add an incentive like a discount to increase e-mail opt-ins and also encourage shoppers to purchase. With the intent to buy during the back-to-school sales urge, an offer is perfect for both e-mail capture and sales.

3. Create Back-to-School Product Collections and Landing Pages!

There are a couple reasons to create product collections and landing pages for back-to-school products. First, you design your website specifically to attract back-to-school shoppers. This gives visitors a place to start their shopping and also limits options, making the decision-making process simpler. Second, you need a few destination pages if you’re running Facebook advertisements, PPC ads, or promotions that prompt shoppers to “Shop Now!”.

back-to-school marketing strategies

4. Create Back-to-School Themed Content!

Consumers have back-to-school shopping on their minds, so feed that appetite. Create a couple of pieces of content with a back-to-school theme to, at the very least, grab the attention of your shoppers. This content can be buying guides, a list of popular back-to-school products, or even a detailed review of a single product.

back-to-school marketing strategies

5. Send E-mails!

We just discussed the importance of building your e-mail list. Now it’s time to put it to work! This is a perfect time to notify subscribers of back-to-school-related products, seasonal sales, or even back-to-school-related content.

back-to-school newsletter example

So, let’s have a quick recap:

  • Have an idea of who will be most likely to buy from you. Then shape your marketing strategy around them;
  • Use incentives to drive sales and build your e-mail list while also sending out several emails about your back-to-school offerings;
  • Reduce cart abandonment by fulfilling shopper needs at key moments of their visit.

Like these tips and want to find out more? Kloudymail team is here for you!