Kloudymail will partecipate in 2019 Conaform’s Open Day!

Kloudymail will be at 2019 Conaform‘s Open Day with a speech by our CEO and founder Enrico del Sordo. Conaform is a Consortium created with the aim of training the field experts, who are professionals working in the insurance and finance sectors.

More specifically, Kloudymail will introduce themselves to the bystanders with the speech “GDPR and online privacy policy: are we ready?“. Kloudymail will take there the experience gained in years and years of activity in software development and web strategy. We will provide the bystanders with some tips in order to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Every year, Conaform organizes such an event, that becomes a chance to talk about the latest news and issues particularly interesting for the fields covered by Conaform, with speeches by insurance and finance experts.


2 pm
Welcome and registration
(Lisa Rossi, NET2WORK)

2.30 pm
(Franco Curto, CONAFORM President)

2.45 pm
Insurance agencies between multi-firm, collaborations, and paid consultancy

(Fabio Orsi & Daniele Cirelli, Innovation Team)

3.15 pm
GDPR and online privacy policy, are we ready?
(Enrico Del Sordo, Kloudymail)

3.45 pm
Networking is worthwile: benefits and opportunities to join NET2WORK
(Sergio Busico, NET2WORK Manager)

4 pm
Coffee break

4.20 pm
Giesse Risarcimento Danni (Nicola Barchet, Presidente)
Viasat Group (Davide Sacchini, Area manager)
Dottor Grandine (Alessandra Santoro, Chief Business Officer)
RBM Assicurazione salute (Andrea Meazzini, Direzione Commerciale)

5 pm
High-quality training: with duties and opportunities, the Register of Professional Trainers in the insurance field is born
(Ferdinando Superbi & Vincenzo Iorio, Associazione Italiana Formatori)

5.15 pm
CONAFORM & CINEAS: a common mission
(Stefania Pallotta, Direttrice CINEAS & Alberto Duranti, CdA CONAFORM)

5.30 pm
Panel discussion:
IDD & consultancy: let’s try to make it clear. The consultancy acticity after the IDD directive: what has come to light? How will we have to work in order to be in line with the aim of the law?
Massimo Michaud, CINEAS President
Gaetano Vicinanza, GAS Sara President, CONAFORM board of directors
Ugo Ottavian, insurance technical trainer
Andrea Maura, lawyer
Moderator, Manuela Prestipino

6.30 pm
Conclusion, Q&A

6.45 pm