What is the difference between real and virtual lists?

Opening “lists” in the menu, we can choose among two different options: real and virtual lists.

What’s the difference between real and virtual lists? Where do I save my contacts?

real and virtual list

Contacts must be uploaded to “real lists”. “Virtual lists” are groups of contacts that you can create by applying filters to real lists, without duplicating contacts.

Be careful: every change made to contacts within a virtual list will be made also in the real list of origin, as well as the import of new contacts in the latter may lead to an increase of the number of contacts in the virtual lists deriving from it.

Filters saved in the virtual lists within the platform for sending newsletters Kloudymail, can be used to schedule more targeted email marketing campaigns.

While creating a campaign, you have to select the list to which you want to send your communication to: you will just choose between real and virtual and you will see lists that belong to the chosen category.

real and virtual list

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