How to profile an e-mail marketing campaign

Do you want to send an e-mail marketing campaign only to apart of the contacts of your list? For example, just to users living in Milan or just to women? You can use filters! Here you can learn how to profile an e-mail marketing campaign.

1 Choose the section “campaigns” on the menu on the left. Complete all the information needed in the first step of the campaign creation.

create campaign

2 Click on “add filter”. You will open the following screen:

Schermata 2016-09-14 alle 14.17.31

3 Choose the field you want to apply a filter to (for example, company, name or city), then the type of filter (“equal to”, “not equal to”, “begin with”…) and the matched value. For example, if you want to send this campaign only to recipients living in a specific city, you will chose “city”, “equal to” and then the city name, for example “Brescia”. Your campaign will be sent only to contacts that meet this parameter.

4 Click on “confirm” and proceed with the creation, control and sending of your e-mail marketing campaign.

In case you prefer to save a list profiled on a certain filter, find out what virtual lists are and how to create them.

Different types of filters:

Filters vary according to the selected field. Here you can find all the type of filters that you can apply using Kloudymail:

  1. If the field has is textual or alphanumeric

Schermata 2016-09-14 alle 14.16.18

  1. If the field is numeric:

Schermata 2016-09-14 alle 14.18.08

  1. If the field has single or multiple choice:

Schermata 2016-09-14 alle 14.21.05

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