How to create newsletters with Kloudymail

I have my Kloudymail login credentials, I have imported my contact lists, I have chosen the content of my first communication… how can I create newsletters?

You can choose among three different options within the template section:

  1. K-Bricks: here you will access to Kloudymail drag&drop template editor: you will just drag elements to the right position and the game is done. Read here to learn how to create them. (to open the dedicated section click here)
  1. Empty template: if you already have the HTML code you can paste it here and your template is ready (to open the dedicated section click here)
  1. Kloudy template: Kloudymail has created more than 50 different ready templates. You can use them as you want, just replace texts and images and you are ready for sending your newsletter. (to open the dedicated section click here)
  1. Your personal templates: here you can find all the templates that you have created and saved for your previous email marketing campaigns. This way, you can use the same layout and change the contents.

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Customize our ready-made Kloudy templates

You can create your newsletters starting from one of our ready-made templates. To help you choosing we have divided them by category, color and layout. You can customize them according to what you want to communicate to your recipients.

Once you have prepared your newsletter you will just send it to the desired contact list. Do not forget to check the statistics in the following days!



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