How to create a newsletter campaign

You can create a newsletter campaign in two different ways:

1. Directly from the dashboard clicking on the “add new campaign” button on the “last campaigns and statistics” window.

2. From the menu on the left, opening the campaigns section and clicking on “create new campaign”.

create newsletter campaign

Kloudymail will guide you through four simple steps:

  1. Name & List:in this section you will choose the campaigns name (that will not be seen by recipients, it’s just for internal use, to distinguish it from other campaigns). You will also choose the subject of the newsletter and the recipient list (real or virtual). Then, specify the sender name and email and the sending domain (assigned according to your licenses). With Kloudymail you can also track your campaigns with Google Analytics. Here you can also add filters (click here to learn more on how to profile the campaign), so that you can send your communication to a part of your list.

create newsletter campaign

  1. Choose template:in this section you can choose which template you want to send. Choose among your personal templates (that you have previously created and that you saved in a dedicated section, click here to learn more); Kloudy templates are ready made models created by us to help you: with K-Bricks templates you can create a new template using our drag and drop editor; clicking on empty template, then, you can write your template’s HTML.
  1. Edit contents:in this section you can edit the contents and the layout of your newsletter. You can use different tools to make your communication more effective. You can see four different buttons on the left: the first one allows to see a preview of your template on the browser you are currently using; the second one allows you to send a test email to your personal address, to control its links, texts and layout on your email client: with the third one you can check if your newsletter is visualized correctly on the email clients you choose (you can decide to select only the clients used by your recipients); the last button controls the contents of your newsletter, to find any element that may let you end up in the spam box

Moreover, in this step you can add variables to your newsletter, customizing both the message body and the subject.

  1. Send campaign: in the last step there is a summary of all the information about your campaign and a preview of its contents. The message is ready to be sent, you just have to decide if you want to send it immediately or if you prefer to schedule it, choosing a precise day and hour.
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