Statistics: overview and comparison

In the statistics overview, you can find general information connected with the detail of a specific campaign (name, object, list, sending time and day). You can also find a summary, in the percentage, of the readers, clicks, bounce and unsubscribers.

Statistics- overview and comparison- overview

Scrolling down the page, you can find another graphic. Here we are getting deep into the data, seeing the percentage of the delivered e-mail, of the readers and of the clickers. Moreover, there is the distinction between the total readers (all the people that actually saw the newsletter), the total reading (how many time the newsletter was opened) and the average of the reading per users.

For what it might concern the clicks, you can see the distinction between the total number of clickers, the number of the clicks, the click in average and the CTR (click through rate).

Statistics- overview and comparison- marketing-funnel

The software, moreover, keeps track of the tools used to read your newsletter, diversifying between mobile and desktop. In this way, you can know what you should take in consideration in order to create responsive e-mails.

statistics- overview and comparison

Kloudymail divides data according to time and day in which the newsletter was read. In this way, you can know when your clients are more responsive to your communication so that you can send your next campaigns at the right time.

Statistics- overview and comparison

At the end of the statistic page, we can find single data in the time: the software compares the data of the previous campaign with the selected campaigns, sent to the same list. In this way, you can understand which of you campaign was more successful and you can think about your next one trying to have more success.

Do you want to discover which other statistic tool is available for you? Read the section “readers, bounce and unsubscribers” and also “the click map”!

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