SMS Adress Book

The section Adress Phone SMS is necessary to import inside the software your database with all your contacts. You will have to give a specific name to the Book Phone and you will have to define which will be the sender of your communications (we want to remember you that the sender is decided when you sign the contract).

The Phone Books are customizable. Inside you can add the phone number and 5 more fields. In order to do that you have two different possibilities:

  • Add a field: with the button add the field you can manually insert a field, adding to it a name and a value.
  • Add a predefined value. With this button, you can insert default fields.


After that you created your Adress Book, you will be able to find it in this screen, As for the newsletters, the phone book can be exported, duplicated and modified in every moment.



Within each book, however, you’ll see this screen. The assets are the contacts you will be notified; the disabled are those contacts that contain writing errors, those who have asked to be removed from the list and the non-existent numbers. In the latter case, the system removes them from the assets after the message is not delivered for three consecutive times.

In this section, you can manually add a contact (add a contact) or import new ones, thanks to the drop-down menu.


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