Setting validation systems DKIM and SPF / SenderID

In order to lower the chances of being classified as spam, you can request activation of the validation system DKIM and SPF / SenderID.

  • The certification SPF / SenderID is useful to change the DNS records that authorize the IP addresses to the sending of e-mail for the domain to which have been published. Anyone using Kloudymail service can use the certification method SPF / SenderID independently adding TXT records listed in the table.
  • The DKIM certification consists in the generation of encryption keys that allow you to enter the e-mail sending a unique signature. This signature allows the server that receives to verify the link between the newsletter and the domain connected to the sending server. It is a paid service, for which an interface with the staff is expected. For information please contact the sales staff by completing the form on this page.
  • Once created records SPF / SenderID and DKIM, you can configure the DMARC certification by adding rules to your domain’s DNS records in the form of TXT records (just as you did earlier for the SPF / SenderID certification). In the table, there are a few common tags used in TXT DMARC records. Recall that the DMARC can be enabled only after you activate both the certification SPF / Sender ID is the DKIM certification.

Enabling the above certificates can reduce the chances that the emails being classified as spam, effectively increasing the possibility that reach their destination.

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