“Search” in all the lists

With the “Search” button, you can do a research in the entire available list on your platform.

How do you use the “search” button?

  1. Find the “search”” button, in the page with all the “Lists” (you access from the left panel inside the platform);

9 liste


  1. Enter the contact that you are looking for in the box and click “Search”;

"search" knowledge base

  1. This will open a new page with the list of your search results. You can see, for each contact, the membership list and the “state”;
  2. Next to each contact you can find the menu “manage“, with which you can view and modify the details of a contact. You can also delete and/or disable the contact from the list in which it is inserted.

"search" knowledge base

Why is it useful?

With this new feature, you can manage the contacts in one place even if they are registered in several lists. Thanks to the research button, you’ll get a list of all the lists in which the contact is inserted. Thanks to filters, moreover, you can better control every user in the reference list.

For each contact you will see the list in which it is registered and the “state”, then you’ll understand where that user is active and where he/she is disabled. For each contact, moreover, you will have the opportunity to see the overview and the data you’ve collected that you can also edit.

And it is not over! Once you found the contact you’re looking for, you can delete it or disable it from a given list.

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