My domain has end up in a Blacklist. Why?

If your domain has ended up in a Blacklist probably is for these reasons:

  • you received one or more reports of abuse in your previous send: one or more users signed you to the provider as a spammer;
  • you did one or more sending to one or more spam trap (e-mail addresses hidden in the HTML of web pages in order to find the spammer. Often the spam trap are in lists illegally bought);
  • A user has manually signed you at his/her post client that your communications are Spam for him/her.

It is clear that these situations can directly influence the reputation of your domain until it has been pushed in a blacklist.

Spamming is illegal in an important number of Countries in the world: in order to send communications you need to have the authorization from your clients to use their contacts for marketing goals (you can read here Kloudymail antispam policy)

The only way to avoid to be sent in a blacklist is to work in the full respect of the law. You should send just high-quality e-mails and you should send them just to the people that are interested. So, buy online lists is illegal and it guarantees you to finish in a Blacklist.

Can I ask you to delatet my domain from the blacklist?

Generally, yes you can. However, each Blacklist (there are a lot of them) work according to a different policy. In this way, each Blacklist works in a different way so the modality that you should use to delete a domain from a Blacklist change every time (if you need support you can always write to our staff).

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