Import unsubscribed or disabled users to a list

Sometimes it is necessary to import contacts to a list marking them as unsubscribed or disabled users.

This can be useful when you star using Kloudymail after using other platforms for sending newsletter: this way, you can track all users that have been withdrawing the consent to the use of their personal data. Every time you import new contacts, Kloudymail makes a control on our database and international blacklists and automatically removes from active users all corresponding contacts, in order to avoid errors and abuse reports.

How to import unsubscribed/disabled users to a list

It is possible to do it following these steps:

1. Open the list to which you want to upload contacts (click on view list)

2. Choose “import” in the menu placed on the left of the “add contact”button.

3. In the “Import disclaimer”click on the link for importing unsubscribed users.

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4. Once you click on the link, follow the instruction (if you want to know how add new contacts, click here).

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