For how long do the statistics of the campaigns last?

In order to improve Kloudymail’s services and performances, you will have the chance of deeply investigating the campaign statistics of the last six months. In this way, you will be able to have all your clients’ preferences, divided into clicks, readers, bounces and unsubscribers.

The details of the oldest campaign will be aggregate in order to speed up Kloudymail’s performances and streamline the usage. You will see the general information connected with the campaign (name, object, sender, and a list of recipients), the total reader, the reading and not reading, the number of clicks (divided in single and total). All the collected data will be downloadable in pdf/CSV, in this way you will always be able to check them whenever you want.

Usually, the data will be deleted after 180 days from the sending date. If you need to have them for more time just write us!

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