Dedicated Cloud: when should you choose it?

Kloudymail’s standard license has the activation of e-mail marketing service on shared Cloud. To this Cloud Kloudymail assaying a set of sending IP shared with other users inside the cloud. The standard license has the possibility of sending the newsletter with no limits.

Shared IP

The sending done from a client who has its own license on a shared cloud will be managed through a set of IP shared between different clients present on the cloud.

The reputation connected with IP address will not be determinate from the sending from just one client but it will be decided from all communication sent from all the clients of the cloud. One client’s reputation will influence also the reputation of those who share IP.

Dedicated IP

In this case, the sending done from a client who has its own license on a dedicated cloud will be done through a set of IP assigned just to this client.

The reputation connected with the IP address will be detected just from the sending done from the client owner of the dedicated cloud.

Which solution should you choose?

It depends on the needs of each customer and on the number of e-mails sent.

A quantity of items limited the solution on Cloud Shared constitutes a good choice for what concerns the quality/price ratio.

However, the choice of shared IP can sometimes be limiting. Since the reputation is not determined just by its activity but also from that of other customers, whose campaigns may sometimes lead to a lower IP reputation and used in temporary blacklisting with consequences on deliverability. Problems that are promptly taken over by our technical staff but inevitably can cause temporary performance issues.

In this context, the Dedicated Cloud is the only solution that protects the customer from these scenarios because the IP addresses are in exclusive use. Therefore, the reputation will be determined just by the action of the latter.

Cloud Dedicated is also the only solution that allows you to more effectively deliverability, identifying a more specific follow up on findings on which to intervene. Besides, that allows the activation of some ancillary services such as DKIM and SPF certification systems and allows integration with other certification systems provided by third parties such as Return Path and allowing a significant improvement in deliverability.

So what’s the difference between a standard license and Cloud Dedicated?

The solution to Cloud Dedicated PRO is recommended for those who make submissions to a number of recipients greater than 500,000: in this way you get better deliverability and better reputation management of the assigned IP. Solely on this type of license is in fact activated the “Dedicated HD” with SPF and DKIM validation system which consists of the generation of encryption keys that allow you to insert in the e-mail sent a unique signature (if you want to know more of DKIM and SPF click here).

This signature allows the server that receives to verify the link between the newsletter and the domain connected to the sending server. All this results in a lowering of the probability that the e-mails are classified as spam, the fact of increasing the possibility that reaches their destination.

In addition, the set of reserved IP transmission allows better control of reputation, which affects also on deliverability, as it depends solely on its e-mail marketing activities.

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