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The Name: it is needed to you in order to recognize your campaign. It will not appear inside the text that you will send.

The recipients: in this place, you have to select the headings to which you want to send your campaign.

The sender: it will be given to you when you will sign the contract. It can be both textual and numerical, according to your preferences.

You can also apply filters to your headings: in this way you can send your communication to a target with certain characteristics. For examples, you can send it just to the women for the International Women’s Day.

For what it concerns the SMS text, 160 characters are available. As you can see, Kloudymail shows you how many characters you have used and how many of them are left. In this way, you can adjust your text so that it is not too long.

kloudy sms

Moreover, we have implemented our software with the short-URL technology. When you insert an URL, thanks to our button you will be able to use fewer characters for the link and it will give you the chance of keeping track of the click from your clients.

Kloudy sms


After defining all the details just click on it. The screen that opens summarizes the settings of your message. Here, you can also check how many credits you’re using, depending on the number of your contacts in the phonebook. Not only that, the system makes a number of claims estimated to be using if the phone numbers of your contacts are not Italian but they are one of the listed countries.

You can review the text of your campaign and decide whether to proceed immediately with the dispatch or schedule your sending!

You just have to start creating your SMS campaigns!

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