Can my contacts answer to a different address from the default one?

With the function “reply to” you can insert the address that you wish your clients can answer to.


The new functionality was inserted in order to make the use of the platform easier to those contacts that are interested in receiving answers to the newsletter to a different address. Usually, the newsletter is sent from an address like info@ or news@ or also newsletter@. Often these boxes are not real or they are not checked by the person who takes care of newsletters. Usually, it could be useful to have a different address to simplify the work.

With the “reply to”, you add whichever address you might prefer! For example, you will be able to insert the e-mail of the marketing team or the one of the selling team, according to your communication strategy.

How and where should you insert the different domain?

In the first step of the creation of the campaign (if you want to know how to create a campaign just click here) you should select the option “reply to”.


Once that you selected this option, you will be able to insert the e-mail that you wish could receive the answer that your clients will give after the sending of your e-mail marketing campaign. Here you can specify the sender name that your contact will see whenever they will write the answer to the address that you might prefer.

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