Add and import new contacts with Kloudymail

With Kloudymail you can add new contacts manually (a) or import them automatically (b). Let’s see how to do that.

a. Add a contact manually.

Open the list to which you want to add a new user and click on “add contact”. Then, fill in the previously created fields and save. If you want to know how to create a list’s fields, click here.

With Kloudymail, managing your users’ details is really easy. The more information about your contacts you acquire, the more you will target your communication applying filters while sending your campaigns.


b. Import new contacts from a file

Open the list you want to import contacts to. Open the menu on the left of the “add contact” button and click on “import”.

The automatic import on new contacts takes four simple steps:

1. Select file: here you will choose the file from which you want to import contacts. This file must be in CSV format.

17 liste

2. Preview: the second step is a preview of the contacts within the selected file.

Schermata 2016-06-27 alle 11.13.25

3. Match fields: the third step you must match the fields of the selected file with the fields created in the list. To learn how to create fields, click here.

Schermata 2016-06-27 alle 11.13.41

4. Import: the final step is a summary of the chose settings. If everything is correct, click “well, import now”.

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Consent to the use of personal data

Remember that, in order to send commercial communication to your users, you must have obtained the consent to the use of their personal data.


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