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How to improve your e-mail deliverability

How many times have you faced email clients delivering your e-mails in the spam box? To deal with such problems, there are many ways to certify your domains and IPs and improve your deliverability. You have probably heard many acronyms, so let’s shed some light on this matter. First of all, we must talk about […]


How can you set up the SPF/DKIM records?

 One of the most common questions, asked to our technical department is the following one: “How can you set up the SPF/DKIM records?” We do an introduction. There are endless providers to manage your own domains. Each platform has, for sure, different features and interfaces, for this reason we can’t describe to you the specific […]


What the phishing is and how to avoid it

After the last posts, where we wrote about deliverability (whether you miss those click here and here) today we talk about phishing. With this word we mean as someone try to redirect users to a fraudulent website, with the purpose to steal personal information. Mail client notices this kind of links and blocks successfully this emails […]


Spamtraps: what are and how recognize them

We continue our path to improve e-mail deliverability. In the older posts we talk about technic to improve deliverability, how to keep high ip reputation, what are and how set SPF and DKIM records and how not do phishing. Today we write about spamtrap. Spamtrap are spoof e-mail addresses create expressly by blacklist providers. They […]


Bounce: what is it?

Bounce literally means “return”. In this case with bounce, we mean all those e-mails that we send in an e-mail marketing campaign that comes back to us. If it is normal that some e-mails bounce back, it is also normal that it is important keeping clean the lists. This will help to reduce the bounce […]


Dedicated Cloud: when should you choose it?

Kloudymail’s standard license has the activation of e-mail marketing service on shared Cloud. To this Cloud Kloudymail assaying a set of sending IP shared with other users inside the cloud. The standard license has the possibility of sending the newsletter with no limits. Shared IP The sending done from a client who has its own […]


My domain has end up in a Blacklist. Why?

If your domain has ended up in a Blacklist probably is for these reasons: you received one or more reports of abuse in your previous send: one or more users signed you to the provider as a spammer; you did one or more sending to one or more spam trap (e-mail addresses hidden in the […]


Setting validation systems DKIM and SPF / SenderID

In order to lower the chances of being classified as spam, you can request activation of the validation system DKIM and SPF / SenderID. The certification SPF / SenderID is useful to change the DNS records that authorize the IP addresses to the sending of e-mail for the domain to which have been published. Anyone […]