Kloudymail joins the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA): higher deliverability rate and e-mail marketing campaigns quality!

Starting from July 23rd, 2018, Kloudymail has joint the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA). This means that now Kloudymail is a certified ESP and is part of the largest internet industry and direct marketing association in Europe.

The main goal of the CSA is to increase the quality of commercial e-mails (e.g. newsletters, invoices, order confirmations, etc.). To achieve this goal, the CSA establishes legal and technical quality standards. These standards are regularly updated to correspond to market requirements.

CSA and e-mail marketing

The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) is a project from eco – Association of the Internet Industry, which was created in cooperation with the German Dialogmarketing Association (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband – DDV) in 2004. With more than 1000 members, eco is the largest Internet industry association in Europe. The DDV is the largest national consortium of dialog marketers in Europe.

The CSA acts as a neutral interface between mailbox providers and senders of commercial e-mails and e-mail marketers.

The CSA’s goal: higher quality in e-mail marketing activities

The CSA’s goal, as already said, is to increase the quality of commercial e-mails (e.g. newsletters, invoices, order confirmations, etc.) according to market requirements. When you become a certified ESP, like Kloudymail, you are required to keep – and, if possible, improve – high technical and quality standards as you have already shown during the certification process.

The main benefit CSA guarantees to all its certified members is e-mail deliverability improvement through whitelisting by the participating mailbox providers. This entails better protection against spam, the deliverability rate improvement and the e-mail marketing campaigns performances. The e-mail you send through CSA certified software like Kloudymail, benefit of a sort of fast-track both in messages delivering and from the spam risk protection.

Kloudymail CSA certification

How does CSA whitelisting work?

Mailbox providers need to achieve the highest possible level of user satisfaction, but they face a challenge: they need to protect their users from unwanted emails and at the same time guarantee that wanted e-mails are delivered. To protect their users from spam, mailbox providers set their filters to be very restrictive. However, this can lead to wanted messages being filtered out and erroneously classified as spam, and therefore not being delivered to the receiver.

Given that the IP addresses of CSA certified senders are on the CSA Whitelist and mailbox providers can access this whitelist, CSA senders are recognized as serious e-mail senders. As a result, their messages will be delivered more effectively by the participating mailbox providers.

Kloudymail: the anti-spam policy

All Kloudymail clients agree to use our service under the terms permitted by law. All violations of the Anti-Spam laws, clearly outlined within our contract, are penalized financially. All of our clients are required to obtain consent from users’ e-mail addresses, to be used as data for commercial purposes, before loading their lists of contacts within our database.

Which are the penalties applicable to customers who send spam?

  • Account suspension for one week after the first abuse report;
  • Account suspension for two weeks after the second abuse report;
  • Definitive suspension of the account after the third abuse report;
  • Immediate suspension of the account in the event of abuse reported by Spamtrap;
  • A penalty amounting to € 1,000.00 for each Blacklist in which Kloudymail IP’s or domains are inserted as a result of spamming;
  • In severe cases, we proceed by reporting the matter to public authorities

In order to protect our users’ privacy, we have set up a department specifically dedicated to the privacy protection and the e-mail abuse management. The Kloudymail staff is constantly monitoring our customers’ activity in order to guarantee the law compliance.

The newsletters for the GDPR: privacy notice and consents updates

In these days everyone and each of us has been overwhelmed with GDPR-related e-mails and newsletters, everyone with different summarizing though the same issue: the willing from the companies sending the newsletter to be compliant with the GDPR, which has come into force starting from May, 25th 2018 (even if Italy has not released the implementation decrees yet). The newsletters aimed to make the sending company compliant with the GDPR have essentially two purposes: asking for our consent confirm (with or without the chance to modify our personal data) and communicating the reviewed privacy notice.

The newsletter for the GDPR: the new privacy notice

The GDPR, as at this time we all know very well, introduces very specific new ways about how the privacy notice should be written. First of all, the GDPR-compliant privacy notice should be short, transparent, understandable for the one are interested in and easily accessible. In other words, the European Union is asking us to avoid “legalese” for moving our language in something clear and easy, more than ever when we collect and treat underages’ personal data.

The privacy notice must be notified in writing to all the subject involved in collecting and managing personal data, better if we send it electronically. One of the main news introduces by the GDPR is the chance of combining the text of the privacy notice with icons in order to better describe what we are saying in the notice itself. Anyways, be careful: it is not possible to have a privacy notice made just of icons, because these icons must be intended just as something useful to better explain our privacy notice. Another thing to be stressed is the fact that the icons shall not be a work of our fantasy, because they will be released by the European Commission.

The privacy notice must always report our identity and the one of our possible delegate in Italy, in addition to the personal data managing purposes, rights of UE citizens, and the addressee of the data themselves.

The newsletter for the GDPR: the consent confirm

The premises are not nice, but they have to be said: the newsletters aimed to have a consent confirmation from our subscribers is not necessary at all if we had already collected this consent in the right way (it is still effective under the GDPR). On the contrary, we are not allowed to send anything if we never had that consent. Nevertheless, in these days our mailboxes are literally submerged with newsletter asking for our consent confirm to receive the newsletters and in some cases, we have also the chance to modify or update our personal data. So we can say that the most part of these newsletters has been spurred by the wave of panic for the GDPR to come into law and also by a sort of excess of zeal. As we already said, if we collected the consent in the right way, we have nothing to fear. For sure, this kind of newsletters can be read as a way for showing to our subscribers that we care about them and their personal data and that we are working hard to be compliant with the GDPR.

Doubts about the GDPR consent: someone is taking time…

The GDPR is bringing with itself some myths to be debunked: it is always better to be very well informed before we start working. Furthermore, for many reasons (not always easily understandable) combined with the fact that a lot of companies have started too late to think about GDPR compliance, the European Regulation is scaring companies, so much so that some overseas companies are taking time by darkening their websites to European citizens eyes. This is the case of online newspapers such as Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Baltimore Sun and many more. As Il Sole 24 Ore wrote, when we try to open those websites from a European country, we read the following warning: “Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism”. It is likely that these newspapers’ boards want to be sure to be fully compliant with the GDPR before doing everything that could be wrong.

The consent according to the GDPR

The new idea of consent coming with the GDPR must follow specific features:

  • The consent must be informed;
  • Specific for each purpose of managing;
  • Free, without influences and without preconditions;
  • Unequivocal.

Finally, the consent must be revocable at any time.

Is everything clear? How do you have faced the GDPR? Have you sent any kind of newsletters among the ones we spoke about? Let us know, we are curious!

Kloudymail new website is online (with the new e-commerce section)!

A few days after the first day of spring, also from Kloudymail there’s something new and flourishing: starting from yesterday, Kloudymail new website is online, completely redesigned in terms of graphic design, in contents and most of all with a special news. We have integrated in our website a new e-commerce section in order to allow web users to customize and buy products online.

We are very proud of our new website. The whole Kloudymail team have been working on it since a long time with a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and diligence. This work has committed us with meetings, talking, and with discussions, which sometimes led us to raise our voices. At the end of the day, though, we calmed all down to be ready to start working again and again.

New website, new chances!

Kloudymail new website means to be a reference point for all the ones who are looking for the ideal ultimate e-mail marketing management solution, as well as for the ones who are looking for some information in order to learn a bit more about e-mail marketing strategies or newsletter campaigns. And if someone needs to request a free demo in a few seconds…. Well, is welcome! We have dedicated a lot of space to our “happy customers’” proofs (and they are so many…), as well as to our events, which we updated on a regular basis with descritipions and photo gallery. Well, we’d like the participants to live again the main moments of the events and we aim to make the ones who din’t participate in our initiatives join them!

What else…? We look forward to read your opinions, your advices and – why not? – your critiques, as long as they are productive.

You can find us always here. You can contact Kloudymail by chat or opening a ticket to get technical support, and don’t forget the marketing department always “on the case” in providing customers with training sessions or simple tips.

A last note: redesigning our website is not a merely formal operation, but a really substantial activity. As we said, you can find a lot of news on our website now. The e-commerce section is the first and the main one, but at the same time we are working to make Kloudymail features and chances grow, also according with your requests. It is not a short path, on the contrary it is an never-ending-hike while techonology keeps to develop so fast. We are not afraid: keeping the path with the digital transformation is our guiding light and this is why your suggestions get more and more relevance!

Kloudymail in 2017: here everything happens to us during this year!

The end of the year is approaching and we want to understand how much road has been travelled and how much we will be able to travel next year.

Kloudymail in 2017: where have we been?

2017 has been a year full of travels and experiences both abroad and in Italy. In particular, we have been:

  • at the CMS SEO in Bologna, an event in which we were media partners in order to encourage digital marketing and multi-channel strategy;
  • INNOVFEST UNBOUND in Singapore, a festival that aims to combine start-ups, companies and new technologies;
  • at the CHEF AWARD 2017 in Milan, the first edition of awards completely dedicated to food made in Italy, of which Kloudymail was a technical partner;
  • in ABU DHABI, in collaboration with Brand Mazie, Kloudymail wanted to affirm its position in the United Arab Emirates;
  • At the UNBOUND FESTIVAL 2017 in London, which allowed us to extend our boundaries, our goals and our dreams;
  • at MESCS, in Dubai joining the most important network of professionals from the Middle East;
  • at the WEB MARKETING FESTIVAL in Rimini, an event to which, with our super water bottles, we always give our 100%;
  • at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK in Dubai where, also this year, Kloudymail has been selected to take part in the biggest technology fair in the Middle East;
  • at RECON, the biggest event in the Mena region, in Dubai.

Kloudymail in 2017: here are our courses!

As you well know, with Kloudymail, training is included for all the duration of the contract. In addition to this, the marketing team periodically proposes events completely dedicated to the e-mail marketing strategy, how to plan it, manage it and make the most out of it. During 2017 we were in Bologna, in Verona (in collaboration with Vecomp Web Agency) and in Milan (twice!). Haven’t we arrived in your city yet? Write us! And in 2018 we will organize an event for you too!

Kloudymail in 2017: the new features implemented in the platform

Also from the point of view of the technical improvement of Kloudymail, 2017 has been a very rich year. We have added:

– the possibility to export the statistics, giving you the chance to share, compare and review your performances to better understand the user and to plan a better e-mail marketing strategy;

– the Aviary image editor. Introducing this new possibility, on Kloudymail you can now resize, cut and add effects to your images, without having to use external programs;

geolocation, to give you the opportunity to know your readers better and better, discovering where your newsletters are read;

– the automation, or e-mails that are sent automatically when a condition or a specific event occurs.

In short, as you have seen, for Kloudymail 2017 was a very rich year. We are proud of our work and we are grateful for all those who, in this extraordinary year, have chosen to trust us. Thank you very much!

Kloudymail arrives with the automation! Find out how to make your e-mail marketing strategy more effective!

With Kloudymail the surprises never end. Indeed, just today, the platform for sending newsletters and DEMs is enriched with a new feature that will leave you speechless. We are talking about the automation strategy, which means that your e-mails will be automatically sent when a condition or event occurs.


Automation: Now is possible!

With this new feature, you can create a custom newsletter that is automatically sent each time a particular event occurs. What does it mean? It means that you can automatically send birthday wishes to your contacts by deciding whether you want to send them an e-mail the same day or a few days before, perhaps by attaching a discount coupon for your products. Or you can automatically send a welcome e-mail to contacts who subscribe to your newsletter. Or, again, you can send specific newsletter based on the behaviour of your contacts (for example, based on CTR). Not bad, right?

Automation: What do you need to set it up?

A bit of patience, information about your users and a bit of fantasy! When you create your list, for example, ask your contacts about the day of their birthday, otherwise, how can you say “happy birthday”? If, however, you don’t have this kind of information don’t worry: with your creativity, you will find other strategies.

Automation: How does it work?

One of Kloudymail’s best features is that it is user-friendly and that, therefore, everything is simple. Do not worry, even the automation feature is going to be simple for you! Let’s see, step by step, how to set up your first automation.

In the platform, go to the Automation section. It’s the last option in the menu on the left, just under the voice of the SMS! You will now find yourself on the page that allows you:

  • To see your active automation;
  • To handle them (through the “manage” button you can turn them off, delete them or view the statistics);
  • To create new ones.


In order to create a new automation, just click the “create new automation” button and it will redirect you to a new page. On this page you can choose the automation that suits yours desires. The main distinction to be made at this point is the one between internal trigger and external trigger:

  • The internal trigger is the automation that is activated when a certain event that satisfies a certain condition occurs within the platform, (i.e. a birthday, a new sign up, a determined behaviour, etc. )
  • The external trigger, on the other hand, is activated according to events that occur outside the platform (i.e. send transactional emails).

Choose the automation that you prefer and click the “create” button. At this point you will be in a new page that will show you the 4 steps needed to complete the automation process:

  1. First things first, you have to select the contacts of your communication and choose the field to which the automation needs to be associated;
  2. The second step is called “build workflow” and it is the step in which you can set the flow of your automation, indicating the date, the template to be sent and the frequency of your messages. This is the step that allows you to send more messages basing your communication on the interactions (clicks/openings) that your users made with the previously newsletter!
  3. At this point, you will end up in the third step that will allow you to define when you want to send your message.
  4. And here’s the last step! At this point, you will only have to check that everything you entered is correct.

Automation: what about statistics?

Do not worry, you know how much we love statistics! Kloudymail offers you all the statistics for newsletters sent through automation. The section dedicated to the results of your e-mail marketing campaign is always the same!

Geolocation in order to know your readers!

Are you curious to know from which part of the world you readers read your newsletters? Kloudymail releases today the perfect feature for you! With the new feature of Kloudymail, you have the opportunity to geolocalize your contacts, discovering in which part of the world they are reading your newsletters. Let’s see what Kloudymail’s geolocation can do for you.

Geolocation: what is it for?

According to a recent research (click here for more information), when you use location data, there are important improvements both in CTR and conversion rates. Understanding where in the world your newsletter is being read helps you to better understand your readers.

Knowing deeply the contacts is, in fact, the first step to offer the ideal product /service. Being aware of your readers’ preferences, habits, places and countries, you will be able to give your contact exactly what he/she wants, perhaps before he/she knows it.

As Steve Jobs said,

“Some say,” Give the customer what he wants. ” It’s not my setup. Our job is to imagine what the customer wants, even before he does it himself. If I’m not mistaken, once Henry Ford said, “If I had asked the customers what they wanted, they would answer me: a faster horse!” People do not know what they want until they let you know.

Geolocation on Kloudymail: how does it work?

Now that we have explained why it is so important to know where your newsletters are read, let’s see where to find and how to use the new Kloudymail geolocation feature. Ready? Go!

By accessing the statistics section, you will now see the new tab called “Geolocation“.


In this new part of Kloudymail, you will see a geographic map representing the whole world.


By clicking on the country you are interested in, you will be able to discover your readers and clickers. Additionally, by taking advantage of the “utility” button, you will be able to export readers or clickers in that particular country and then you can send them an additional newsletter.

Unfortunately, not all readers and clickers can be placed correctly on the map and, for this reason, you can easily find them under the “unknown location” section.

Kloudymail joins the MECSC and the best Middle Eastern and North African professionals

Being selected among numerous global competitors is always a pleasure and an honor. This is what happened to Kloudymail a few days ago when we were selected to join the members of the Middle East Council of Shopping Centers.

This Association joins the largest shopping centers in the UAE and it includes more than 1000 professionals from the Middle East and North Africa. Among employers, marketing managers, consultants, retailers, financiers, and accountants, also Kloudymail found a place and it consolidates its position in the UAE market.

The Middle East Council of Shopping Centers is also of great importance for the close relationship with American entrepreneurs: it is directly affiliated with the New York City International Council of Shopping Center. The connection between countries, entrepreneurs, resources, and start-up allows closer collaboration between minds and ideas in order to contribute to a more responsible growth, both ethically and environmentally.

The expansion and growth of the Dubai market are now unstoppable, as evidenced by the growth in employment: during 2015, there was an increase of 16% (here you can find more specific data).
According to Pawan Shawan, Head of Home Finance at Noor Bank, many potential buyers and investors want to take advantage of all the benefits of current market situations to expand their horizons (here you can find more information about it). The UAE market, in fact, is very dynamic, open to innovation and open to exchange international know-how.

It is in this atmosphere of internationalization, exchange and open minds that Kloudymail wants to give its contribution.


Stay Social, Stay Kloudymail: share your newsletter on your social!

We will never be tired of repeating it: the strategy that works is the multichannel strategy. And if we tell you that with the new Kloudymail feature you can arrive at more people with your newsletter? Would you believe it? Believe it, because it’s the truth!

Thanks to the new feature of Kloudymail, you can share your newsletters on your favorite social, with just one click. Also, you’ll have access to statistics that will show you how many people clicked on your links!

Do you want to understand better how it works? Let’s see it step by step.

Social sharing: where is this new feature on Kloudymail

In your Kloudymail account, just go to the campaign section. In the “Manage” menu, for all the campaigns you’ve sent, you can now see a new option: “Share“.

stay social stay kloudymail

Clicking on this button, you will open a pop up with a link that you could easily copy, paste and publish it on your favorite social or you can also send it via e-mail.

stay social stay kloudymail

By clicking on the link you have shared, a page will open and you will see a copy of your newsletter. Simple, isn’t it?

Kloudymail always remembers the importance of statistics! In fact, you can find a new section called “Social.” On this tab you will find charts and tables with campaign sharing data. In particular, you will have access to both the number of readers and the number of clicks you have received through your social newsletters!

stay social stay kloudymail stay social stay kloudymail

What are you waiting for? Share your newsletters on all your social!

For the moment, the social medias recognized by Kloudymail are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus, Instagram, and Pinterest. All other shares are tracked and you will find them under the heading “Other”.

Why is it a good idea to share your newsletters on your social network?

By sharing your newsletters on your favorite social media, you will not only reach more people than your loyal readers, but these new readers may be fascinated by your e-mail marketing and decide to subscribe to your lists!

Remember, occasionally, to publish some posts explaining how to subscribe to your newsletters, including the benefits of subscribers!

A good strategy might be the creation of a hashtag that accompanies the publication of your newsletters on your social.

Is there any aspect that you would like to deepen or some detail that is not clear to you? Contact us, Kloudymail’s staff is always there for you!

Kloudymail In The World: We Are In Abu Dhabi

The presence of Kloudymail in the Emirates is consolidated!

Abu DhabiKloudymail has strengthened partnership with Brand Moxie that wants to become a benchmark in order to enable Kloudymail presence also in Abu Dhabi. Brand Moxie is a communications agency that deals with PR, advertising, event management, digital marketing, publishing, and retail. Always available to meet customers’ needs, Brand Moxie’s business philosophy is beautifully blended with Kloudymail’s mission & vision. Your needs are our guide tips!

At the end of the summer, many will be the events and training courses on e-mail marketing lead by Kloudymail with Brand Moxie in Abu Dhabi.

You will learn how to get to know your real goals, how to implement the best communication strategies, the best multichannel strategy, and how to analyze statistics data. And these will only be some of the topics that will be deepened with you and for you. Kloudymail has been operating in the Emirates for a long time now, with a strong presence, especially in Dubai.

In 2020, the city of Dubai will host the most famous exhibition of the world: the Expo. Between October the 20th and April the 10th 2021, more than 25 million visitors will be expected for a futuristic topic: “Linking Minds, Create the Future”, a theme closely linked to the Arabic name of the city, which means exactly  “link”. From the world’s tallest skyscraper to an airport that can host 240 million travelers, the amazing Arabian projects ahead of the Expo are very impressive and Kloudymail wants to be part of this revolution, helping to lay the foundations for new ways to communicate.

Stay tuned for all the news!

The internationalization of our company allows us to grow more and more, not only professionally but also as people. The constant exchange of opinions and information with people and cultures different from ours, enriches us infinitely, pushing us to work at our best in order to offer you an ever-growing product that is constantly evolving.

“Business success is where your vision, influence, and creativity converge.
It is where opportunities become infinite and unlimited capabilities.”
(Farshad Asl)

Saints Faustino and Giovita: 02/15 Kloudymail closes and we celebrate Brescia’s patrons

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th of February, Kloudymail offices will be closed on occasion for celebrating the saints Faustino and Giovita.

The 15 of February, in Brescia, the main characters are the saints Faustino and Giovita and Wednesday is going be completely dedicated to their celebration. As the tradition commands, all offices in Brescia are closed and also Kloudymail will rest for one day. But don’t worry and be happy! You can always contact us at help@wekloud.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Does Faustino and Giovita’s story intrigues you? Keep reading this article in order to discover more about these saints and in order to get to know why the 15th of February is the Single’s Day!

Faustino and Giovita: the story of Brescia’s patrons

Let’s go back to the II century after Christ. Faustino and Giovita are two nobles from Brescia that decided to become knights. Saints Faustino e Giovita

Everything changes when they meet the bishop Apollonio who converted
them. They become Christian and they become really good speakers: they start an amazing apostolic wave. This change in these young guys is not appreciated from the pagans and the Adrian emperor decides to pursue them. Adrian soon decides soon that they have to be executed by being eaten by lions. When everything is ready, however, the lions neither touch Faustino and Giovita. So Adriano decides that the two guys have to die being burnt by the fire, but neither the fire touches Faustino or Giovita.

After a long imprisonment and a long time of torture, the 15th of February, Faustino and Giovita were beheaded. Their relics can still be found in San Faustino ad Sanguinem Church.

The connection between Brescia and these two saints became even stronger when, the 13th of December 1438, the people from Milan attacked the city. According to the tradition, Faustino and Giovita appeared on Brescia city walls and they stopped the enemies cannonballs with their own hands. Brescia was free and safe!

15th of February: Single’s Day!

Single's DayIf the story of the two saints has its roots long time ago, we cannot say the same for what it might concern the Single’s Day. This celebration exists in fact jut since the XXI century!

Apparently, this day is Single’s Day because the name “Faustino” comes from Latin “Faustus” which means favorable, benevolent, happy. We can therefore say that Single’s Day wants to be a propitious day for all the people that are looking for their soul mate.

If you are single by choice or if you are looking for a miracle it doesn’t matter: don’t lose the opportunity to enjoy your day!