Kloudymail at Dubai Data Science Machine Learning

As we already told you here, Kloudymail has sponsored Data Science Machine Learning, the IT sector event that took place from 25th to 27th, April in Dubai.

The main focus of these three days has been big data for business: big data can help to foresee any risk and to precisely evaluate earnings. For marketing and communication, data analysis is important for creating advertising campaigns and understanding their results on the market. Furthermore, thanks to database, campaigns are more targeted and effective, since they reflect customers’ interests.

Here you can find Data Science Machine Learning workshops’ photos and the video shot during these days.

Happy customers in the world: Zaya Nurai Island’s testimony

We are happy to know that our customers are satisfied with our services.

Here’s what Elodie Patel, Marketing Director at Zaya Nurai Island, one of the world’s most exclusive resorts located on a heavenly private island in Abu Dhabi, says about Kloudymail. We met her at Arabian Travel Market 2016 in Dubai, a tourism’s trade show. Elodie Patel is really happy to share with you what she thinks about our email marketing platform.

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Email marketing classes at Catholic University

Kloudymail thanks Catholic University for the invite to speak to its students.

There have been two lessons in two different cities: March 7th in Milan and April 5th in Brescia.

Thanks to professor Loretta Battaglia, Kloudymail has held two email marketing classes, to teach students its usefulness and its potentialities for companies. Enrico del Sordo, founder of WeKloud, has showed to students our software for sending newsletters, a powerful tool for managing relations with clients.

Kloudymail thanks all the students for their attention and their interest, and invites everyone to its email marketing training course, that will be held in Milan on May 24th.

Kloudymail flies to Dubai for Data Science Machine Learning

Limitless like sky. This is Kloudymail’s philosophy, because we don’t have limits and we never stop. We always look beyond what we can see.

It is with great pride that we announce that Kloudymail will sponsor Data Science Machine Learning, that will be held from 25 to 27 April in Dubai.

Data Science Machine Learning a Dubai

This three days event is important for the IT sector: it will provide an overview of big data’s future, data science and machine learning and machine intelligence models.

Organizers are Persontyle, a consulting firm that works in data analysis and machine learning fields; School of Data Science, a “research academy” that organizes training courses to make big data potentialities accessible and clear for everyone; Brilliant Basics, a company that implements systems and strategies for digital transformation in finance, education, retail, healthcare and technology vertical markets.

Speakers are two specialists from School of Data Science. Dr. Mike Ashcroft is researcher at Uppsala University and data scientist, specialized in graphical models for diagnostics and software development for big data. Aly Syed is Persontyle CEO, with a sixteen years long successful experience in data organization and use and in artificial intelligence as an added value.

During the Data Science Machine Learning, Kloudymail will take part to these conferences and will keep you updated about all the news in this sector. Stay tuned!

Kloudymail staff wishes you a Happy Easter

Kloudymail staff wishes you a Happy Easter!

Eat a lot of chocolate, it’s good for the soul. And with a smile, you will communicate better!

Take it from someone who knows about communication (and chocolate)!

Do you need a proof? Discover Kloudymail!

Enrico del Sordo and Kloudymail on Corriere della Sera’s blog

Here is the full interview of Enrico del Sordo, Kloudymail CEO, published on the blog “The cloud of work” by Corriere della Sera, Italy’s main newspaper.

enjoy the reading! 😉


Enrico: “My start up for newsletters without limits”

Enrico del Sordo, 39, born in Salò (Brescia), is the creator of Kloudymail, the only software for email marketing campaigns in Italy that allows sending newsletters without any limitation.

This is possible since January 2014, when he established WeKloud, the company that sells this service. A start up born with a three persons staff and now composed by 14 employees, planning to hire seven more persons within this year.


“I graduated in IT in technical high school – he says – then I began working as computer assembler at Megabyte Spa, a company in Brescia; a year later, tired of working as a technician, I moved to Gigabyte, another company, and I started working as salesman”.


Within twelve months, he becomes managing director of 22 IT shops, selling computers, networking hardware, even Playstation. In a word, computers are his matches.

A trip to the United States broadens his horizons. He flies to Chicago, to see “if America is really what they say it is”, and he spends there six months, working in different places, learning English and attending sales training seminars.

“It has been an experience that really changed my education and career, since I learned that it is possible to grow fast with Internet, if you use technology in the right way and you make it accessible”.

After returning in Italy, he comes back in the computer business, working for Apple in Brescia (ABC Group). A year full of great results, but it’s not enough. “I wanted to see how Internet companies works, so I moved to Spidernet, an Internet service provider selling websites and communication”.


In the same period, he created www.ingarda.com, a portal for the promotion of activities in the Garda Lake area (restaurants, hotels and other businesses, which were joining paying an annual fee).


In a few months he signs 40 contracts, the second year 80, then he sells it to commit to his own company.  This is the turning point: not an employee anymore, he now is an entrepreneur. In 2002 he and three friends establish Keycode Italia srl, a software house that develops webhat cms, an online content management system.

He has always been president and CEO. Four years later, two partners have left and the company keeps growing, with thousands of clients and resellers in Italy. In 2013, he decides to buy 100% of Keycode and to sell it to his partner. Then, he founds WeKloud srl, owner of kloudymail.com.

Actually – he says – in 2009 I’ve already began developing a software for email marketing, and to transform the old company in something new”. He starts a new firm for email marketing solutions, a service for companies, media and communication agencies and freelance professionals.


“It is useful for everyone who needs to communicate with clients and keep them loyal, and to find new leads”, del Sordo specifies. in fact email marketing is now one of the few tools that allow to check accurately a campaign’s results, as well as to deeply interact with users.


To send a newsletter is a quite simple operation, but to send it effectively to the right target is way more complex. With Kloudymail annual fee, users have unlimited lists, recipients, sendings and bandwidth. Moreover, training, remote or in person, and qualified assistance.

At this time, Kloudymail has around 3000 active users in Italy, and it is taking hold also in Prague, Dubai, London and the US. “We have three salespersons in Dubai, two in London and in Prague we work with a distributor”.

Enrico del Sordo is now CEO of this firm headquartered in Brescia. Its offices, located on the fifteenth floor of one of the city skyscrapers, offer a breath taking view. Valentina Ferrari (37) is the graphic designer, Doreen Scuri (31) the marketing manager. Between 2014 and 2016, Wekloud hired two programmers, one system analyst, one customer care operator, three salespersons, and two accounting operators.

They are all less than thirty years old. Seven more people are expected to be hired this year; in particular, sales managers, marketing assistants, newsletter copywriters. There’s more: “We will soon release many new features, among these, the possibility of sending SMS with Kloudymail” says Enrico.


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Kloudymail at CSA Summit 2015

In an time when the “deliverability” is taking an increasingly crucial role, it is essential to continue to vigilantly monitor what new aspects the market – especially the foreign market- has to offer.

Following this idea, part of the Kloudymail staff traveled to Germany (Cologne) for the 2015 CSA Summit organized by CSA Certified Senders Alliance, a leading international company with contracts with some of the major ISPs’: AOL.com, Vodafone, Yahoo, Yandex, 1 & 1 and many others.

Here are some key points of the agenda:

  • Keynote ’25 years Internet “Everything’s cool. Anything’s possible, “echoed 20 years.” Yesterday. Today. Beyond Tomorrow.
  • Relevancy of emails as a direct marketing tool
  • Evolution of complaints – and what complainants think about you and your client
  • Resulting challenges of email growth for best user experience
  • The trade-off between maximizing volumes and protecting brand reputation
  • Increasing quality of commercial email communication – update on CSA Services
  • Why DMARC works: The benefits of making email easy to identify
  • CSA 2.0 – our approach for the future
  • CSA 2.0 Panel discussion – listening to the voice of the market