Kloudymail at GITEX, third fair in the world about technology!

 During these days, Kloudymail is in Dubai at GITEX, third fair in the world in size, in the world of technology.

The event takes place over 4 days, from 16th to 20th October, and each day is dedicated to a different commodities sector with the aim to focus the attention of participants to the max, so they can take part to all the conferences in which they are interested.

Among the main topics debated in the technological field, you can find discussions in the field of health, finance, trips, commerce and energy. Among the news of this year, new areas of discussion have been included such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, technology to wear (as smart watches), digital marketing and Smart Living (for example Tech Refrigerators).

We of Kloudymail, have decided to take part to this event because allows us to have an overall view on the most important innovations in the field of digital marketing and technology from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the relationships that we are establishing, will allow us to improve more and more offering to all of you the best of what you can find on the market. Therefore, stay tuned!

Interview to Valentina Turchetti, MBSummit organizer

Kloudymail will sponsor MBSummit, an event dedicated to marketing that will take place in Bologna on November 25th and 26th. To get in the right mood for the event we have been interviewing Valentina Turchetti, event’s organizer. Have a look at it!


Hi Valentina, can you explain to our readers who you are and what do you do?

Hi, I’m Valentina Turchetti and I’m a Web Content Manager: I take care of strategy, creation and promotion of online contents to help companies and professionals to grow their business. I’m the author of an e-book named: “Social Media Marketing: Strategies to build and manage your Social Media communication” (Area51 Publishing).

You are a digital web expert: can you explain us why having a digital strategy is effective for a company?

Without a Digital Strategy there’s no point in working online. you don’t go online just because “everyone is there” or because “I want to try it”: you can do Web Marketing only if you have a digital strategy with clear and exact goals (Where do I want to go? What do I want to get? What I want to reach in 1-2-3 years from now?), an accurate knowledge of my target, awareness of needed times, budget and resources, the possibility of measuring future results.

Can you give us a few tips on how to generate new leads with a digital strategy?

Lead Generation is a very wide topic: it would be reductive to say that to spend great resources in ADV is enough to generate new leads, for example using Facebook Ads or Google AdWords. Moreover, every strategy, every project and every company are different, which means that what works with one of them doesn’t necessarily work with another. However, I want to give you three suggestions:

  1. Carefully study your target: knowing the attitudes, needs, preferences, and interests of your target is necessary to choose the right strategy and contents.
  2. Work on the contents: writing an effective post on Facebook is not easy at all. It requires god writing, persuasive copywriting and understanding. It happened to me to publish posts on Facebook that were able to create conversions without being written to do that, just because they contained the right words, the right call to action and the right images.
  3. Continue to do tests: digital world is constantly evolving, what can be effective today may not give results tomorrow.

Which mistakes must be absolutely avoided?

  1. Underestimate the potentialities of the web, especially social media, in terms of word of mouth, brand awareness and reputation.
  2. Think that web is completely free of charge. To open a Facebook page and don’t use Facebook Ads is pure madness; it is unreasonable to spend a few money and get a good visibility on Google; to delegate digital activities to your cousin, which has finished his exams, is going to graduate and has a few free afternoons, is pure nonsense.
  3. Believe that you can get results in a few days: all online activities will bring you middle-long term results.
  4. Feel as if you’ve already made it, that you don’t need to learn more, to study, to understand things.

Is a company page on Facebook enough or is it necessary to use LinkedIn? Is that true that these two social networks are becoming uniform or arte they still different?

The choice of social network depends on your company strategy: your company type, your goals, what you want to communicate, your resources. You cannot pre-emptively decide to create only a Facebook page or only Instagram. First you need to analyze your company’s needs and to answer to a crucial question: “Why do I want to go online? What are my goals?”

I am a big supporter of “few but good” and I think that it is not necessary to use all social media but just the ones that can be useful for my company,

In my opinion, Facebook and Linkedin are still different, especially for their targets, contents and language.


As you know, we are specialized in newsletters. Do you think that email marketing is an effective tool for generating traffic on social network pages and websites? Do you have any example for us?

Email marketing is fundamental! I can’t believe that there is still someone saying that email marketing is dead, and I’ll explain you why. Email marketing is the primary tool for generating leads, both for personal professional projects and for projects for clients. There’s no match, in my experience a good newsletter, with professional contents and visual, creates more conversions than any other communication channel.


Why do you have organized MBSummit and why companies should take part to it?

Marco Maltraversi and I organized Marketing Business Summit (www.mbsummit.it) because we wanted to create a different kind of event. In many events we take part to we usually attend to general speeches, otherwise too theoretical or redundant, and we come back home well aware that we didn’t learn anything new or that we have been listening to something already seen on some blog or podcast. With Marketing Business Summit we want to provide concrete speeches: strategies and practical case studies about Web Marketing and Strategic Marketing, to help people grow their online business!

For everyone interested, until September 30th the ticket price is € 149!

Thank you for your time, Valentina, see you in Bologna!

Kloudymail interviews Valentina Turchetti, MBSummit organizer. This marketing event will take place in Bologna on November 25th and 26th.


Two days at Web Marketing Festival

July 8th and 9th Kloudymail took part to Web Marketing Festival, an event dedicated to digital marketing that took place in Rimini, on the Adriatic Riviera.
These two days have been dedicated to the world of email marketing, social media and graphic design. 160 conferences, the same amount of speakers, many workshops about the digital world, 4000 participants and enthusiastic comments by everyone that have been there.

We have had a lot of fun and we had the chance to meet many of you, strengthening old friendships and finding new ones. Thanks to anyone that visited us and dedicated us a few minutes of their time.

We already have some news for you! We will reveal them soon, in the meantime remember these two days with us having a look at the gallery and at the video.


A question out of the blue to Arrigoni

Guglielmo Arrigoni has been our guest at the e-mail marketing training course we held in Milan on May 24th (have a look at the gallery).

After interviewing via email, if you missed the post click here, we questioned him before his speech during our course, asking him a question out of the blue: is e-mail marketing dead?

Here what he answered us!

Kloudymail discount code for Web Marketing Festival

As we anticipated here, Kloudymail will sponsor Web Marketing Festival, an international fair that will take place in Rimini on July 8th and 9th.

Come visiting us at our stand, there’s a surprise for you! The festival will be dedicated entirely to the digital world: there will be about 160 conferences in two days, that will help professionals and companies improve their sales and lead generation strategies.
Fill in this form to receive a discount code! Save money with Kloudymail!

Two days at 99 euro instead of 849! Fill the form to receive the discount code.

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Kloudymail at Web Marketing Festival 2016

Kloudymail sponsors Web Marketing Festival: come visit us at our stand!

Web Marketing Festival is an event dedicated to digital marketing, which boasts partners like TIM, #WCAP, UniCredit and I3P Torino. The exhibition, in its fourth edition, takes place at Rimini’s Palacongressi on July 8th and 9th and will host 160 different specialists as speakers both from Italy and abroad.

Festival doesn’t focus only on marketing: there will be music with Virgin Radio and Radio Monte Carlo, conferences dedicated to training for the digital and tech industries, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing for tourism, SEO and Mobile Marketing.

For the first time, Web Marketing Festival will hold a Startup Competition: whoever has a start up project or has in mind an innovative idea will have the chance to present it during the festival and find supporters and sponsors.

There will be also a section dedicated to job research: companies that have open positions will evaluate candidates that will submit their applications, helping both selectors and potential employees.

web marketing festival

Kloudymail at Education Experts Dubai

Kloudymail participates in Education Experts Dubai, an event that takes place today and tomorrow at Dubai School of Research Science, organized by World Arena Events.

The main sponsors are Microsoft, Casio, Cambridge University. The entrance is free for all the visitors. We are waiting for you!

The event is dedicated to academic studies: conferences held by university lecturers and professionals are focused on leadership strategies and financial management. They also discuss how to integrate technology into the teaching and learning process, with the goal of academic excellence.

Here a few photos live from the United Arab Emirates:

Kloudymail at INDEX Exhibition in Dubai

Kloudymail participates at INDEX, an exhibition dedicated to interior and product design which takes place from May 23rd to 26th in Dubai. With 30.000 square meters of size, the exhibition hosts more than 50 different countries and 720 different products.

Kloudymail supports Dubai Art Fans, an organisation of artists that paint for the love of it and are also art professionals. Here a few pics taken during the event:


Internet of Things: first update from CES Asia

A few days ago we talked about how a world without Internet would be (you can read the post here). This weekend, Kloudymail is in Shanghai for CES Asia, an event dedicated to technology (read our article here), have a look at the pictures below. In Shanghai everyone is talking about Internet of Things.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things, aka IOT, is the world of all those items that can communicate between each other. Today there are about 7 billions of them around the world, but they are expected to grow to 50 billions within 2020, more or less six per person. All industries are involved: manufacturing, clothing, home automation, machines, and energy.

Such devices will not replace the importance of human beings, rather they are an added value. In 1970s it was thought that automation would have destroyed jobs. Now we know that technology can help taking advantage of big data and streamline people’s work and improve efficiency. “From industrial automation to cognitive automation” Marco Taisch says, professor at Polytechnic University of Milan Industrial Engineering Department and founder of World Manufacturing Forum.

There are many issues, first of all IT literacy, actually the easiest step since new generations are born with smartphones and tablets in their hands. The problem of communication protocols must be solved, since there are many of them and they are equally efficient, such as Bluetooth, LTE and Wi-Fi. Finally, we must deal with bandwidth capacity, also in terms of security.

We have many more things to tell you about Internet of Things so keep following us. We will keep you updated about all the news from CES Asia, meanwhile enjoy the first photos taken there.

CES Asia in Shanghai, Kloudymail is there!

Kloudymail can’t keep still. Just like emails, it is always moving and now it is going to Shanghai.
From May 11th to 13th, CES Asia will take place in the Chinese metropolis, an exhibition that will showcase future’s technology and products. 375 companies will join this event, among theme international famous brands like LG, BMW and Twitter, and they will present their products, divided among fifteen different categories: 3D printers, audio, green technology, 4k video and ultra HD; videogame and clothing.

The event shows the potentialities and innovations of the Asian markets. During these three days Kloudymail will take photos of all the most interesting technologies and will show them here on our blog and on our social media pages. Stay tuned!

ces asia

For all the details: http://www.cesasia.cn/