HOLA! Kloudymail is the official sponsor of 4YFN Barcelona!

From 26th to 28th of February, Kloudymail will be the official sponsor of 4YFN, the event par excellence for startups, investors, corporations and public institutions. The greatest brilliant minds in the world will gather in Barcelona to create, design and launch innovative and revolutionary products.

The purpose of this event is to create connections and possibilities between experiences, ideas and economic possibilities with the ultimate goal of working together in order to improve the quality of life.

Not bad, right?

This Spanish event will offer unique initiatives and days of workshops, congresses and marketing activities.

Kloudymail could not resist at the charm of innovation and so, for three days, will be the official sponsor at 4YFN Barcelona.

The platform for sending e-mail marketing and DEM 100% made in Brescia will be available to train and to learn, to instruct and to educate, to know and to be known.

It will be possible to deepen the knowledge of the platform, discovering the main features and strengths of Kloudymail as the visual editor drag & drop and the possibility of exploiting the multi-channel strategy through the connection with social networks. In addition, all those interested can learn how to create a successful template and a SMS campaign thanks to training courses managed by marketing experts.

To select Kloudymail to participate in this event was ICE, the agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies. The objective of this agency is to facilitate the relationships of small-medium companies with foreign countries. For this reason, ICE, recognizing Kloudymail as a high quality Italian product, decided to focus on this startup made in Italy.

Kloudymail is convinced that diversity, internationalization and competition are not weaknesses, but opportunities for growth, exchange and inspiration.

RECON: Kloudymail took part in the biggest event in the Mena region of Dubai!

It is a collaboration between the Middle East Council of Shopping Centers, the International Council of Shopping Centers and the Dubai Association Center to launch RECON, the largest event in the Mena region in Dubai.

By combining professionals from various fields, from finance to design, marketing to architecture, RECON has been a focus of workshops, seminars and networking.

29th-30th-31st of October: 3 days dedicated to this event and Kloudymail could not have missed this opportunity!

In the charming and elegant frame of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, special guests alternate with great prestige, telling experiences, presenting best practices and introducing some of the greatest novelties of the last year.

RECON has also hosted the 2017 Middle East and North Africa Shopping Center and Retailer Awards. These awards wanted to reward various categories such as “traditional marketing”, “design and development” and “best media retail brand”.

For Kloudymail it was an honour to be part of this wonderful event and, to make you dive into this magical atmosphere, we have prepared a RECON image gallery.


Kloudymail at Gitex Technology Week: we are back in Dubai!

If you win, you don’t change your team. Thus, this year, Kloudymail has been selected to participate in the largest Middle East technology fair. I am speaking about the GITEX Technology Week, an event that, from October the 8th to October the 12th, aims to combine technology with human potential, automation with smart working and local product with globalization.

Among the 4,000 companies from 97 different countries, Kloudymail is one of the 15 startups selected by ICE, the agency for promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian businesses headed by the Ministry of Economic Development. This agency aims to facilitate the relationships between small and medium-sized companies abroad.

100,000 are the visitors expected for the thirty-seventh edition of the Gitex technology week in the fascinating frame of Dubai, a traditional meeting point between West and East, between different cultures that are together with the goal of collaborating to build the future.

Kloudymail will also be present at the various workshops, seminars, and presentations of the event, in order to make everyone aware of the platform for the e-mail marketing 100% made in Italy. We will present our drag & drop visual editor, explaining the importance of a multichannel strategy (with Kloudymail you can also send SMS!).

Are you in Dubai? Come to visit us!

If, on the other hand, you can only see the charm of Dubai from the other part of the world (unfortunately!), you can follow us on our social!
With #kloudymailatGITEX we will keep you updated with all our news!

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London Calling: Kloudymail flyes to the Unbound Festival 2017!

The Clash claimed that London has the power to call people to live there. Maybe it is for this reason that Kloudymail is flying to London… or maybe it is because of the Unbound Festival 2017? Of course it is for this amazing event!

Celebrating innovation in every shades, the London Unbound Festival is specifically designed to connect companies, investors and start-up. And Kloudymail is going to be there!

In this context of opportunities for the future, we will not only be present, but we will also be Sponsor! The goal of the Festival is to get to know potential partners who, through the share of creative solutions and key factors in business management, can be helpful for everyone!

In the beautiful setting of the Old Truman Brewery, the Unbound Festival 2017 will be a triumph of ideas, news, conferences, seminars and so much more!

We are looking forward to see you, are you going to be there?

If you can not be physically present, follow our social, we will keep you update on all #unboundfestival news!

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software invio dem

Kloudymail at the Chef Awards 2017 event: food, charity and fun!

On Monday, 29th of May 2017, the event organized by Groupon was held, featuring restaurants, chefs, and delicious dishes. Even Kloudymail, the e-mail marketing software, was present as a technical partner!

Elegant dresses, red roses, and delicious decoration made LaVerdi Theater a truly fabulous location. In this event, where the risotto took space between appetizers, cold dishes, desserts and some wine, Kloudymail’s staff, headed by Enrico del Sordo, was ready to tell the story of our e-mail marketing software.

The event, created to give people the opportunity to vote for the best chef and best restaurant in the whole Italy, also had a wonderful shadow of solidarity thanks to the presence of Action Against Hunger.

For Kloudymail it was an honor and a privilege to be able to attend this wonderful evening!

Below you can find a few shots that we want to share with you in order to show you our adventure!

Chef Awards 2017: Kloudymail is technical partner!

Chef Awards 2017 is the first edition of an event entirely dedicated to the food made in Italy and Kloudymail will be the technical partner for this wonderful evening!

On the 29th of May 2017 do not miss the opportunity to attend the Oscars of the food: for the first time, you will be the judge!

In fact, the Chef Awards will be the web reward to the best Italian restaurants. Thanks to the votes of 3 million people to 400 000 restaurants, 600 chefs were selected and only the first 100 will be on Teatro La Verdi stage, in Milan.

Just the first 10 chefs will be the winner of the first edition of the Chef Awards 2017. The popular characters and the familiar faces will be many, including Andrea Mainardi, Chiara Maci (food blogger), Bruno Barbieri and Rudy Bandiera (blogger, teacher, and journalist). The whole event will be presented by Paolo Ruffini who, between cooking trials and interesting speeches, will lead the entire evening.

The official sponsor is Groupon and, in fact, the tickets for this unmissable event can be purchased right here on www.groupon.it.

See you in Milan? Chef Awards and Kloudymail will be waiting for you!

chef awards

Kloudymail Flies to Singapore: It’s Innovfest Unbound Time!

The 3rd and the 4th of May, the Innovfest Unbound is taking place in Singapore. It’s the festival connecting brands & corporation with disruptive technology to fuel their innovation and growth.

Also Kloudymail is in Singapore in order to join this amazing event, which connects all the people that believe in a brighter future. Enrico del Sordo, Kloudymail’s CEO, has been selected as one of the Italian most innovative entrepreneurs. For this reason, he has been chosen in order to be a speaker in the Innovfest Unbound.

With hundred of conference lead from exciting speakers, this event wants to open new doors to innovation. In this festival, you can really feel the future, building network with smart people from all around the world.

Bringing people together, in 2016 edition there were more than 6300 people among investors, companies, researchers and opinion formers. For this year edition, more than 8000 people are expected!

The keywords are technology, communication, marketing, and creativity. In this flow, Kloudymail fits perfectly and we are happy to be part of such an important world networking.

Innovfest Unbound is the perfect event that gives you the chance of meet new people and future partners. For the start-up, Innovfest Unbound offers the perfect platform to connect with partners, investors and consumers.

Kloudymail is happy and honored to be part of this international event that brings people together in order to work for innovation and IT steps toward the future.



Kloudymail was in Bologna for the e-mail marketing event!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 Kloudymail was in Bologna for the training course on e-mail marketing. The topic was complex, we were speaking about how to “plan effective campaigns“. The goal? To help you acquire a wider awareness of the e-mail/newsletter potentiality, especially if this strategy is placed in a multi-channel one.

It was a wonderful morning in which several speakers took turns speaking about the most interesting topics related to e-mail marketing. In particular, the treated topics were:

  • e-mail marketing and multi-channel strategy. In this session, we analyzed the reasons why a company should choose e-mail marketing as a communication tool, the SEO, SEM technique and the ability to implement pay per click campaigns.
  • SMS marketing and the potentiality of mobile communications.
  • the construction of an effectively and considerable database.
  • how to divide the users into lists. In particular, we talked about how important it is to classify the users in order to be able to plan more targeted campaigns.
  • the construction of a campaign, paying particular attention to the construction of message, object, call to action, landing page, text and image.
  • spam, deepening all you need to know about Gmail, Yahoo! and Microsoft’s filtering policies.
  • Our actions lose their importance if we don’t compare them to something else. For this reason, we also analyzed some case histories and best practices.

The timeless atmosphere of Bologna, together with the modernity and comfort of the Zan Hotel, have made our event even more interesting and enjoyable so that the feedbacks from participants have been very good and we were delighted! The participants appreciated the clarity of exposition, the general organization of the event and the variety of the topics treated. Among the most appreciated topics, people loved the study on SMS, deliverability, spam issues and the profiling of the lists.

From Kloudymail’s staff, it has been a pleasure and an honor to organize and conduct this training. THANK YOU ALL!

Weren’t you able to come? Check the gallery with the pictures of the event or write us to get updated about the next events!

Kloudymail in Bologna

We are coming back! Kloudymail is going to be at the Web Marketing Festival 2017

4000 people everyday, more than 80  sponsors and stands are just few of the numbers that characterized Web Marketing Festival 2016. Are they not enough for you? So I can also tell you that there were 28.000 tweets in two days, more than 800 contents on blogs, press, radios and 4 million reached userKloudymails. These are not enough either? Then I must tell you that Kloudymail was there as well!

A great success like this one can’t avoid having a great follow-up: the 23rd and the 24th of June, in Rimini, there will be the Web Marketing Festival 2017.

Web Marketing Festival 2017: what it is and for who is it designated

The Web Marketing Festival is an Italian event but it is internationally important. The topic of the Web Marketing Festival is the web marketing with all its shadows. With 38.000 sq m available in Palacongressi of Rimini, the Web Marketing Festival will have 160 speakers that will give you new knowledge through workshops, debates, case studies.

The Web Marketing Festival is for all managers, CEOs, communication agencies, start up, journalists, bloggers, the students, non profit organizations. I mean, no one is left outside. Two days of festival and 26 different rooms will allow you to discover all the main topics of Web Marketing, from the most specific techniques to the most theoretical debates.

Web Marketing Festival 2017: Palacongressi of Rimini

It is the super eco-friendly Palacongressi of Rimini the host of the festival. With its green materials and the natural light, it guarantees a great and important saving for our environmentWeb Marketing Festival
To complete all this, there is the amazing city of Rimini that, the 23rd and 24th June, is going to be full of summer atmosphere. Rimini is the center of the Riviera Romagnola and in summer it becomes the perfect destination for everyone. Not just for its party and clubs but also for its important history: Rimini was in fact founded in 268 a.C.

Do you feel there is still something that is missing? Maybe it is because you forgot that we from Kloudymail are going to be there as well!

Kloudymail: premium sponsor at Web Marketing Festival 2017We were there last year and we are going to be there this year! We are not going to miss it! Kloudymail will be premium sponsor at Web Marketing Festival: you can find us on the 23rd and 24th June at Palacongressi of Rimini. The best software for sending newsletter can’t miss this great event.

What are you waiting for??? Come to visit us and you will not be disappointed!


How to reach the heart of your customers, using the Emotional Marketing

Some months ago Facebook launched a new function: the “reactions”. You can not only “like” something, but you can use more buttons to better express your feelings about a textual message (post), a video or an image.

Deeply analyzing this new feature, we can recognize a common trend among all the social network and marketing operator: they give a essential relevance at the feelings of their customers or followers. What people exactly feel when look at my adv campaign ore read my newsletter?

We are going more and more in the age of Emotional Marketing. Lots of companies (Coca Cola, Apple, Unilever just to name a few) are investing resources in new technologies with the purpose to classify feelings from the expressions and facial muscles’ movements. For example a raised eyebrow stands for confusion or doubt, a forced smile for masked disgust.


Analysing people reactions, companies will be able to modify the customer experience in real time. Is easy to undertand how a great relevance will assume the data of your customers. Each detail, preferences, numbers of clicks, time on web site will help marketers to define the subject of new advertising campaign. Marketing actions will become even more dynamic and customized.

Bern Schmitt, professor of marketing at the Columbia Business School, theorized all the different technique to create an emotional marketing campaign. Even if his work was made in 1999, his idea is still relevant today. Schmitt organizes customers’ experiences in five types: avoiding the details, we will explain each type using an inspired by the Kloudymail activity.

At first you can attract users by exciting their senses: eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, taste. Depending on the kind of company you are, you can give a gadget before or after the purchase experience. For example, during the Web Marketing Festival that took place in Rimini last July, we thought about the kind of gadget to offer, and a pen or a notepad seemed to be too expected. What can we give to the visitors, already tired and stressed from a day full of conferences? A bottle of water was the perfect gift from Kloudymail!

marketing emozionale

You can captivate your customer by connecting their personal experiences with something they can live using your product or service. For example, in our last newsletter we wrote about K-bricks, the template editor of kloudymail, in order to underline its simplicity of use. In K-bricks each textpart or image is dragged into the template, in a very easy way, because of the drag&drop interface. So we compare the use of this editor to the well known game, played by children from 3 year of age.

The third kinds of strategies try to challenge our customer, for example making questions and asking them for a feedback. Through the dialogue each company can collect valuable informations about the customer experience. During our training courses (the next appointment is the 15th November, sign up and find the program HERE) we ask our guest to fill a questionnaire about the topics of the day. We care a lot about what the participants have preferred because their answers will help us to choose the most interesting topics for the following courses.

A different way to interest the followers is creating pictures with a slogan or a quotation. How many times did you see a famous quotation and you decide to share this picture on your facebook page, for example? With these images you can increase the visibility of your page or web site without talking about your product or your service. You are not trying to sell something, you are sharing a good idea with your followers.

Last but not (the) least, you can work to create a “community” around your brand. Your customers, users and followers should feel themselves like members of a common world, with the same ideas and beliefs. Here in Kloudymail we share our “human side” (sometimes even a little bit crazy) on youtube. HERE you can find your channel, with our playlist, named Kloudycafè. We joke about everyday life: because, after all, who wants come back to the office after the holydays? At the end we are all in the same boat!