Kloudymail is Now a Partner of “Answer The Question” Digital Event!

Kloudymail, the multi-channel platform that allows you to manage your digital marketing activities, is now a partner in the digital event “Answer the Question”, which will be held on Saturday 4th May in Bologna.

Answer the Question aims to put the public at the center, offering participants the chance to actively participate and help shape the format of what will happen during the event itself, to ensure that everyone comes out of there with a wealth of skills that are actually useful. And this is one of the reasons why Kloudymail has decided to support Answer the Question through partnership: we too have been committed for some time to the organization of training events, starting with the E-Mail Marketing Summit, events that give space to the public in the classroom and leave them with lots of food for thought and with practical skills that can be spent immediately.

The “Answer the Question” panel of speakers is very respectable, and this is another reason why we decided to support ATQ: for the quality of the speakers and the topics. There will be Alessandro Mazzù – consultant and trainer -, Alessandro Vercellotti (Unico Avvocato del Digitale®), Alessandro Frangioni (Digital Strategist). And, again, the digital strategist and data scientist William Sbarzaglia, Piero Babudro (Creative Digital Content Strategist), Antonio Meraglia (Digital Video Strategist), Enrico Maioli (Consultant, UX design, digital marketing), BUTAC – Michelangelo Coltelli (blogger) and the professor Ermes Maiolica, a metalworker from Terni known as the king of fake news.

We from Kloudymail naturally will be present with special offers reserved to all the friends that we will meet in Bologna, Saturday 4th May from 9 at the Amati Design Hotel, in via Rigosa 14 in Zola Predosa (Bo).

Kloudymail is now Partner with Freelance Hub!

Kloudymail is proud to announce to be a partner with Freelance Hub, the first freelancers’ community born in Brescia. The project aims to make easier the daily working life of the freelancers thanks to useful advice and directions to follow.

Freelance Hub is born from an idea of Eleonora and Francesca Valenti (Valenti04 agency) and it has been presented to the freelancers and to the journalist on 21st March 2019 at Talent Garden in Brescia. After the press conference, it has been held the first lab, “Price Quotations? How exhausting…”, a speech by Augusto Pirovano (Super Good Life).

“We have created this project because we are first and foremost freelancers who prefer to work with other freelancers – Eleonora and Francesca Valenti state – We have long felt a lack of training and networks for self-employed workers in our area. Freelancers are devoted to research and professional growth but often they struggle to find tools, answers, which are often not unique. For this reason we have decided to give life to this community: to give, thanks to experts in the field of self-employment, concrete and useful answers both to those who are already self-employed, and to those who want to become one ”.

The Manifesto: #freelancersdoitbetter!

The project is born in order to promote the self-employment culture, drawing the public opinion and world of work’s attention to the freelance as a value, debunking the myth that working as a freelance is just a way out for the ones who don’t have any other professional chance. In other words, the freelancers are taken into consideration and enhanced as such, as a highly specialized professional t0 whom give universal “surviving” tools suitable for any field and role.

Kloudymail partner with Freelance Hub

Freelance Hub: The Goals

The path of Freelance Hub aims to create a freelancers’ multisectoral network useful to build new relationships and – why not? – to find new collaborations and chances of working.

One a month, Talent Garden will host the Freelance Hub meetings (subscription via Eventbrite). In October, it is scheduled the Freelance Day, in conjunction with the European Freelance Week.

Kloudymail is a partner of Freelance Hub

The Agenda

  • 11 Aprile, 6 pm: “Be Smart! Solutions and Safeguard for Freelancers”;
  • 16 May, 6 pm: “Personal Branding + Linkedin for finding new clients”;
  • 13 June, 6 pm: “E-Mail Marketing for freelancers”. This is the speech by Kloudymail aimed to explain why and how to start up a successful e-mail marketing activity;
  •  18 July, 6 pm: Cardiomarketing;
  • 19 September, 5 pm: Time Management;
  • 14 November, 6 pm: Mind Mapping.

Kloudymail in partnership with Freelance Hub

E-Mail Marketing for Freelancers: the Speech by Kloudymail

Freelancers – whatever os the field in which they work – often neglect e-mail marketing. The reasons are different: lack of time, of people who can deal with it, fear that it is a useless and too expensive investment … Actually, the e-mail marketing is a precious help for freelancers: with a low cost, it allows you to communicate with customers, to keep them updated, to make them more loyal and thus activate the well-known word of mouth that allows you to acquire new contacts and ultimately new customers.

The Freelance Hub speech is aimed at making freelancers understand why they should start doing e-mail marketing and above all to make them understand how to do it best thanks to valuable and useful tips on how to structure a newsletter, how to build a database, how to write the subject and content of a newsletter, and much more. 

Kloudymail will partecipate in 2019 Conaform’s Open Day!

Kloudymail will be at 2019 Conaform‘s Open Day with a speech by our CEO and founder Enrico del Sordo. Conaform is a Consortium created with the aim of training the field experts, who are professionals working in the insurance and finance sectors.

More specifically, Kloudymail will introduce themselves to the bystanders with the speech “GDPR and online privacy policy: are we ready?“. Kloudymail will take there the experience gained in years and years of activity in software development and web strategy. We will provide the bystanders with some tips in order to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Every year, Conaform organizes such an event, that becomes a chance to talk about the latest news and issues particularly interesting for the fields covered by Conaform, with speeches by insurance and finance experts.


2 pm
Welcome and registration
(Lisa Rossi, NET2WORK)

2.30 pm
(Franco Curto, CONAFORM President)

2.45 pm
Insurance agencies between multi-firm, collaborations, and paid consultancy

(Fabio Orsi & Daniele Cirelli, Innovation Team)

3.15 pm
GDPR and online privacy policy, are we ready?
(Enrico Del Sordo, Kloudymail)

3.45 pm
Networking is worthwile: benefits and opportunities to join NET2WORK
(Sergio Busico, NET2WORK Manager)

4 pm
Coffee break

4.20 pm
Giesse Risarcimento Danni (Nicola Barchet, Presidente)
Viasat Group (Davide Sacchini, Area manager)
Dottor Grandine (Alessandra Santoro, Chief Business Officer)
RBM Assicurazione salute (Andrea Meazzini, Direzione Commerciale)

5 pm
High-quality training: with duties and opportunities, the Register of Professional Trainers in the insurance field is born
(Ferdinando Superbi & Vincenzo Iorio, Associazione Italiana Formatori)

5.15 pm
CONAFORM & CINEAS: a common mission
(Stefania Pallotta, Direttrice CINEAS & Alberto Duranti, CdA CONAFORM)

5.30 pm
Panel discussion:
IDD & consultancy: let’s try to make it clear. The consultancy acticity after the IDD directive: what has come to light? How will we have to work in order to be in line with the aim of the law?
Massimo Michaud, CINEAS President
Gaetano Vicinanza, GAS Sara Ass.ni President, CONAFORM board of directors
Ugo Ottavian, insurance technical trainer
Andrea Maura, lawyer
Moderator, Manuela Prestipino

6.30 pm
Conclusion, Q&A

6.45 pm

Kloudymail E-Mail Marketing Class At Catholic University!

Enrico del Sordo, CEO and founder of WeKloud, the company that develops and distributes Kloudymail, on Thursday, March 21st will be at the Catholic University in Brescia to speak to the students in the third year of the degree in Linguistic Sciences, course in Marketing and International Marketing held by Professor Loretta Battaglia.

After a brief presentation of the company and its evolution over time, Enrico del Sordo will focus his speech on e-mail marketing. In particular, the class will be aimed at explaining how e-mail marketing is the ideal strategy for managing the relationship with the customer, to increase its brand loyalty, to manage the relationship better and to set up- and cross-selling activities. Moreover, Enrico del Sordo will show some practical cases to make students understand how to set e-mail marketing in the small companies in which, in a few months, they will work.

A morning, in short, focused on the logic, on the functioning of the software and on the multi-channel marketing strategy to train new marketing professionals who know how to speak the – just apparently simple – language of e-mail marketing.

Kloudymail at “Selling A.I. – The New Human Touch”, the event by Pianeta Italia on February 15th 2019 in Rimini!

On Friday 15th February 2019, Kloudymail with its CEO Enrico del Sordo will participate in the free event organized and promoted by Pianeta Italia “Selling A.I. – The New Human Touch“.

The event organizers have thought to such an event taking into consideration the reaserch “Marketer vs Machine”, which highlighted how automated processes bring benefits and tangible savings to companies. We are talking about a time savings of up to 74%, alongside an ability to involve customers of almost 70%. And that’s not all: communications to customers and offers increase on average by 58% and new sales or up-selling opportunities open up. Interesting, right? Kloudymail had already guessed the potential of automation at the very beginning, with the introduction of e-mail marketing automation, that is the feature allowing to send automatic e-mails based on external or internal triggers. In addition to the benefits already highlighted, the strong reason to choose automation is the chance of programming, managing and planning all communication operations. Like e-mail marketing campaigns.

The Event: Marketing Automation for E-Commerce and Tourism

The event organized by Pianeta Italia on February 15 will focus on the latest ways that artificial intelligence and automation open up for companies, especially those operating in the tourism field. To better understand what we are talking about, just think of the algorithms of Google, YouTube or Amazon, which – without even realizing it – are able to return results based on our preferences and our decisions, thus impacting on our future choices. In other words, artificial intelligence merges with marketing and influences the propensity to buy first and then the purchase itself.

It may seem difficult to reduce these dynamics in the field of tourism. Quite the contrary. At least once in our lifetime, we have all looked for a destination for our holidays, we asked for a quote, we started buying on an e-commerce site, but maybe we did not finish the operation because we found ourselves disoriented, the information was not enough clear … In short, nobody has guided us and encouraged to purchase. If this is true from the customer’s point of view, it is even truer from the point of view of the companies, that to be able to implement this process of guidance and customer orientation to the purchase until recently had to be very equipped: highly specialized people, perfectly integrated software, strategies, consultants … Now artificial intelligence and the tools available on the market allow also small and medium-sized companies to automate their e-mail marketing campaigns, recover lost customers and reward the loyalty of those already acquired, planning, selling and, ultimately, increasing turnover.

The event to be held on February 15th, therefore, wants to be an opportunity to get to know, analyze and discuss the issues of web marketing automation.


9:00 – Registration and Welcoming / Breakfast
9:20 – How the big data help digital campaigns (Lorenzo Succi, Uni.Rimini Spa manager and Tecnopolo di Rimini general manager)

9:50  – Tourism field and new challenges in the digital transformation (Edoardo Colombo, expert in innovation and tourism)

10:30 – E-mail marketing Automation for the tourism sector (Enrico del Sordo, expert in e-mail marketing and CEO of WeKloud)

11:30 – Coffee Break

11:30 – Sales Marketing Automation (Riccardo Rodella, expert in Marketing Automation 360 and SALESmanago Italia General Manager)
12:30 – The Italian chatbot,  (Luca Renzanigo, On-Bot Product Marketing)

At the end, a brunch will follow at the Quartopiano restaurant (inside the SGR Congress Center).

Free Entry – Mandatory Registration.

Don’t miss this chance, sign up now!

Kloudymail at Fiera Hotel in Bolzano!

From Monday 15th October to Thursday 18th October, from 9 am to 6 pm (except for Thursday, until 5 pm), Kloudymail and its team will be at Fiera Hotel 2018, a specialized event dedicated to hospitality and catering.

Fiera Hotel Bolzano is organized and renewed for over forty years and it presents itself as a meeting point between companies, hoteliers and restaurateurs, innovative start-ups, and trade associations. It is precisely here that Kloudymail‘s participation takes place: as an innovative startup, we have decided to be there in order to increase our presence in the hotel and catering field, to strengthen our proposal aimed at the sector, and meet and discuss with the entrepreneurs and their category representatives. No destination seemed to be more appropriate than Trentino Alto Adige, which can boast 32 million overnight stays a year and a huge number of haute-cuisine restaurants (26 Michelin stars awarded a total of 19 chefs).

Kloudymail in Bolzano exhibitor at Fiera Hotel 2018

During these four days, the exhibition will be visited by 21 thousand visitors welcomed by 600 exhibitors. 45% of visitors come from outside the province and over 90% of respondents state that the overall impression of the trade fair is good or very good. Hotel offers over 20 training events including conferences, workshops, and presentations.

Kloudymail with AIS Veneto at Fiera Hotel 2018

Kloudymail waits for friends, visitors, and all those interested in discovering our multi-channel marketing solutions for the hotel and catering sector at stand G0 / 12.

Kloudymail represents Italy at the Italian Embassy in London!

On Thursday, October 11, Kloudymail CEO Enrico del Sordo participated in the “Cyber Security and Digital Economy” conference, invited by the ICE Agency – Italian Trade & Investment Agency – which organized and promoted the initiative in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in London and the CCSIRS (Center for Cyber Security and International Relations Studies of the University of Florence).

Kludymail represent Italy at Italian Embassy in London

The seminar aimed to support and promote the most disruptive Italian companies, in order to allow them to deal with British companies and institutions – including, among others, the Consul, the Armed Forces and numerous British authorities – and to give birth to new scientific-technological and productive partnerships with local companies and institutions.

Furthermore, Kloudymail – selected with 11 other Italian companies – had the opportunity to present itself, to present its activity and its continuous efforts aimed at innovation in front of a hundred people. Enrico del Sordo talked about the multi-channel marketing solution Kloudymail, the developments from birth until today, explaining how the software has evolved, updated and what are the directions already drawn for the future. And probably there would not have been a more suitable occasion: the conference was organized in the United Kingdom because the UK indeed was at the forefront in the fight against cyber-criminal attacks – a phenomenon progressively increasing – towards both public and private organizations.

Kludymaill at Italian Embassy in London

The day was dense and very interesting. After the opening by Raffaele Trombetta, Italian Ambassador in London since the beginning of this year, we listened to the point of view of the British National Cyber-Security Center. The morning continued with Roberto Baldoni (director of the Italian NSC) and with the presentations of the Italian companies selected by the ICE.

Before the lunch break, the speeches focused on challenges and opportunities with an overview of the state of cyber-security on the international level and of public-private partnerships; we listened to the speeches of Paul Cornish from the Oxford University, Paolo Prinetto from CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics) and Luigi Martino, Head of the CCSIRS of the Florence University.

In the afternoon it was the turn of Nick Coleman, a University Professor, and Joel Van Dylan (London Stock Exchange Group.) The afternoon continued with the meeting between B2B investors and innovative Italian companies.

For Enrico del Sordo and the whole Kloudymail team, it was a great honor to participate and take part in a conference of this level, where we brought our experience and at the same time we learned new concepts useful to improve and grow further.

Unbound Festival 2018: Kloudymail flies to London (again)!

On Wednesday 18. and Thursday 19. July, Kloudymail – the e-mail marketing and SMS marketing platform – takes part in the new edition of Unbound Festival.

Unbound London, which is held in Brick Lane at The Truman Brewery from 8.30 a.m. to 18.00 p.m,  is Europe’s largest innovation festival where brands, corporate executives, and investors come together to meet with Europe’s most disruptive startups to hold partnerships and find new business opportunities.

Unbound London is a global showcase bringing together more than 5,000 founders, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate & brand executives and thought leaders, it connects you with sources of innovation from around the world. Truly cross-industry, unbound London is the bridge between business and the world’s digital and technological pioneers.

Kloudymail booth Unbound London

Unbound London’s Main Stage will host experts and speakers from world-leading digital brands. To ensure all attendees gain maximum value of the festival, the Future Stage and numerous workshops will provide attendees with exclusive talks and panels hosted by partners and key speakers.

The Main Stage offers many insights into the future of digital. Insight will be given through a variety of presentation formats, including keynotes, interviews, panels, side events, exhibitions, start-up challenges, hackathons and more. The topics explored this year include corporate growth through innovation, personalization & effective ads through programmatic, engaging generation Z, non-stop digital distraction, IoT and smart city adoption.

Unbound London, Kloudymail is there!

The Future Stage is a place to identify the latest trends and tech innovations impacting on consumer lifestyle, product development, and engagement.

We are looking forward to seeing you, are you going to be there?

If you can not be physically present, follow our social, we will keep you updated on all Unbound Festival news!

Kloudymail, premium sponsor at Web Marketing Festival 2018, the most complete event on digital innovation!

Kloudymail will participate for the third time in a row at the Rimini Web Marketing Festival, both as an exhibitor and as a premium sponsor. This Web Marketing Festival edition is very important and it is the perfect destination for the ones looking for newness. From June 21st to 23rd at Palacongressi in Rimini in fact the Web Marketing Meeting will open its doors for the first time for three days instead of two.

Kloudymail combines again the pleasure of being an exhibitor – participating is a sort of duty for high innovative companies like us – with the honor of being a premium sponsor of such an event. For this 6th edition the Web Marketing Festival shows itself very updated in terms of topics, initiatives in agenda and event format.

The Web Marketing Festival is an event that summons the digital world, giving attention both to web and social dimension. This is why Kloudymail will be there with its twofold role of exhibitor and premium sponsor. But the good reasons to go to Rimini from June 21st to 23rd as a visitor are still a lot: there will be more than 50 events in 3 days in more than 30 educational rooms, with about 400 speakers and guests and 20 special initiatives.

Furthermore, starting from this edition Web Marketing Festival is an official member of “Digital Skills and Job Coalition”, an European project that brings together Member States, companies, social partners, non-profit organisations and education providers, who take action to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe.

Italy believes in digital innovation in terms of business and from an educational, social, artistic and cultural point of view. These words represent a summary of what Cosmano Lombardo (Web Marketing Festival Chairman) thinks, words in which Kloudymail believes too.

Web Marketing Festival: the figures

The Rimini Web Marketing Festival 2017 edition closed up celebrating a big success: more than 12mila attendances, of which 200 were sponsors and partners and 300 startups and investors. The exhibitor’s area, of which also Kloudymail was a part, summoned the main Italian and international companies and confirm itself as the ideal arena for networking and business matching.

Web Marketing Festival 2018, who will be there?

The Rimini Web Marketing Festival also this year is waiting for the main world player in the tech area, from Google to Facebook, from Microsoft to Amazon, attendees that will provide the event with an international appeal. This will be a chance to deeply understand the digital present and future scenario.

Web Marketing Festival 2018, a taste from the agenda

For Kloudymail, participating at the Rimini Web Marketing Festival and being at the same time a premium sponsor represents the chance to take part in inspirational talk and debated dedicated to the hottest topics for companies like us: digital transformation, open and social innovation, AI, virtual reality and digital jobs. Among the speaker there will be Carlos Bautista, researcher from NYU Tandom School of Engineering and founder of MineSafe app, and Marcella Atzori, blockchain advisor Ifin Sistemi / Eu Blockchain Expert.

Why Kloudymail is a premium sponsor of the Web Marketing Festival 2018?

Kloudymail has choosen to be a premium sponsor of the Web Marketing Festival 2018 because we want to be an active part in an event that is a point of reference in the world of Italian and international digital innovation. In these years, the Web Marketing Festival has been determined in constantly growing both in quality and in quantity, discovering the digital world in all its dimensions, combining education, innovation, music, entertainment, sustainability, networking, startup, journalism, sport and much more. We like to thing that we are a part of that “much more”.

Kloudymail participates at the CSA Summit, the European event dedicated to e-mail business

Kloudymail as an e-mail marketing and newsletter software is constantly strengthening its market position and is growing thanks to the daily efforts aimed at improving the software, interface, and mainly infrastructure quality.

In this setting of improvement there are events not to be missed, such as the CSA Summit 2018 at which Kloudymail is participating right in these days, along with more than 100 European companies. The event is focused on “Emails & More” and has been organized to spread awareness of how crucial it is to send quality e-mail in order to get good achievements in terms of deliverability and conversion rate, winning factors in reducing complaints and spam filtering.

Kloudymail at the CSA Summit 2018

Emails & more: what’s the CSA Summit 2018 about?

The CSA Summit 2018 is focused on the hottest topics related to sending e-mail and newsletter software like Kloudymail. The agenda is a sort of journey to “Inboxland” and to review new factors that can best reward frequent e-mailers, such as the influence of new regulations on the e-mail business (GDPR, eprivacy), technical features impacting branding, trends and innovations reshaping customer experience and much more.

CSA Certification: the benefits

As we already said, the Kloudymail team is implementing every possible effort in order to get the best quality and efficiency out of the e-mail marketing and to be rewarded by the market. This is the reason why we took the path to the CSA certification, a crucial certification for e-mail marketing software like Kloudymail. CSA Certification will allow us and consequently our clients to improve deliverability of e-mails, to reduce spam filtering, to increase and optimize the inbox placement rate, to promote our trustfulness and reputation and to be part of a lively e-mail experts community.

The Certified Senders Alliance CSA has more than 1.000 members and it is the largest internet industry association in Europe. The goal of CSA is to increase the quality of e-mails. To achieve this goal, the CSA establishes legal and technical quality standards.

Take a look at the pictures of Kloudymail at the CSA Summit!