Involve: With Kloudymail, Collect Contacts Anywhere With Android Tablet!

Kloudymail presents a new way to collect contacts and building your database, a useful tool for any type of company and business to make daily activities easier, to be compliant with regulations and have everything at your fingertips.

We are talking about Involve, the latest idea born in Kloudymail, the multi-channel marketing solution designed for any kind of business: it is a tablet already preconfigured by the Kloudymail staff with a customized form that will allow you to collect names, addresses, and telephone numbers easily and without problems in any situations where your job requires it: during daily operation – for example, if you run a bar or a restaurant -, during an exhibition, an event or when you meet  potential  customers for the first time.

Do you like the idea? Then let’s find out something more!

Involve: What It Is And How It Works!

You had several times the need to quickly collect contacts by entering them directly in Kloudymail but you did not have the chance to do so, perhaps because you did not have with you the appropriate device or because you did not know how to extricate yourself in that particular situation, as for example, an exhibition.

Involve is the answer: it is the new proposal by Kloudymail that combines the multi-channel marketing solution with a free loan Android tablet that you can always carry with you and use whenever and wherever you need. In this way you will be compliant with the most recent regulations regarding the processing of personal data, you will see your database growing and as a result you will gradually increase not only business opportunities but also revenue.

What can I do with Involve?

The “Involve pack” is very simple: whether you already use Kloudymail, or whether you are about to start experimenting the potential of our multichannel marketing platform, you can have an Android tablet on free loan.

The device will be delivered to you already preconfigured by our technical and creative staff: already at the first start, you can open, through the customized icon created for you, the custom made multi-channel form for your company.

In which contexts and situations could Involve be useful?

First of all, Involve could be useful for your daily work. Of course, in this case, it depends a lot on your company work area, but if you manage tourist facilities, just to give an example, Involve is the right solution for you. Try to imagine having your Android tablet on the counter or in plain sight at your place, with the personalized multichannel form constantly open: you can ask your contacts to fill it out to stay updated on your news and promotions if they want. The same applies for example to a beauty salon, a business, a bar …

What did you say? Is your structure not part of any of those mentioned? No problem, here are a few examples of how you can take advantage of Involve’s potential:

  • During a exhibition;
  • During an event in which it is possible to make matching;
  • During a meeting with a potential client;
  • During a conference.

Actually, these are just some of the situations in which you can use Involve, because the chances are potentially unlimited. The point is that Involve follows you, keep up with you, with your pace and with your needs and is always at your fingertips.

How will my form be customized?

You will not have to worry about anything: all will be up to our team. A study will be carried out on your coordinated image and then, based on your indications, the form will be customized. Here are some elements that can be customized based on your business and your needs

  • Logo;
  • Form title (e.g. Stay up-to-date on upcoming events!)
  • Form fields;
  • Successful registration and confirmation request messages;
  • Call-to-Action;
  • Background color;
  • Text color.

These are just a few examples: all you need to do is talk to us about your needs and we will create the tailor-made multi-channel form for you.

Involve: Tips&Tricks!

To get the most out of Involve, here are some tips on how to structure your contact-collecting activity through the new Kloudymail solution:

  • You will find yourself working very often in crowded and complex contexts, so we advise you to choose a form with a few essential fields strictly related to your marketing goal linked to the event or specific situation;
  • Always operates with the double opt-in system, it guarantees more both you and your users;
  • Starting from the collected data, plan a series of welcome e-mails and SMS using the Kloudymail automation feature;
  • In the first email, include a valuable content for your new members (an e-book, a discount, a coupon for a gift to be collected in the store …).

Do you like our new proposal? Would you like to know more? First of all, take a look to the page dedicated to Involve on our website and then do not hesitate to contact us via the chat you find on the site, by phone at +39 030.6342300 or by e-mail by writing to

We are waiting for you!

How To Write The Perfect Preheader!

When it comes deciding whether or not to open an email, the subject line and sender name are pivotal for subscribers. But what about the preheader, the snippet of text that appears right next to or below the subject line on iPhones, iPads, some Android mobile phones, and most email clients? If you’re not optimizing this prime piece of inbox real estate, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to help drive up your open rates.

What Is Preheader Text?

An email preheader or preheader text is the short line of text displayed next to or just below the email subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. Although the email preheader can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of an email campaign, it’s something many e-mail marketers don’t take into enough consideration.

Preheader Tips and Tricks

“If you are unable to see the message below, click here to view.” This type of message is still quite prevalent among the selection of preheader text you’ll see in a typical inbox. Not only does this type of preheader fail to grab attention, but it also does nothing to convince a recipient to open the email.

So what should you include in your email preheader to help drive more opens, clicks, and conversions in the email marketing campaigns you send? Here are some suggestions:

  • Succinctly summarize the email message;
  • Provide more specific information to support or expand on the benefit presented in your subject line;
  • Include a coupon code;
  • Feature a call to action;
  • Add a deadline to create a sense of urgency;
  • Include your organization’s value proposition;
  • Don’t include an option to unsubscribe;
  • Test and optimize your preheader copy;
  • Avoid repetitions;
  • Remember that the reader is interested in “What’s in it for me?” So, make a compelling offer!

In addition, consider personalizing your email preheader text by including recipients’ first name, for example, or perhaps an item they browsed at your website or left in their online shopping cart.


The email preheader is capable of making a big difference in your email open rates. But keep it small and simple with some introductory text. Mention what the subscribers can expect from the email, or give them an indication of the email content. Don’t reveal the secrets but don’t make it too dull either. When you are running an email campaign, the first impression is the only thing that matter to keep you ahead of the competition. The preheader text can give you the right push!

How To Integrate Social Media With E-Mail Marketing!

Some of the most successful businesses take a holistic approach to their digital marketing strategy. This results in a stronger brand image, and a customer experience that is integrated.

According to some studies, the average customer has about 10 touch points with a brand before they actually make a purchase, which means that being present in as many places as possible will help to make it easier for your business to increase your leads and sales.

If you consider the two most widely used (and most effective) digital channels for acquiring customers – e-mail and social media, the first thing that comes to mind is the question of which one is better. But both channels have unique features, and when you integrate them in your marketing, you can make your overall strategy twice as strong.

Although it’s been here for quite a while, e-mail marketing is still as effective as ever. Social media is another entity that has been around a long time and yet continues to provide great results when it comes to driving visitors to your site and increasing leads and sales.

You know, you cannot focus on just one channel and ignore the other. You need both, and one of the best ways to get the most out of them is to integrate them. Whether you currently derive the majority of your web traffic from e-mail or from social media, read on to find out why and how you should use e-mail and social media together!

The Benefits of Integrating E-mail and Social Media!

The reason why these two entities complement each other is simple. Each one grows the other’s reach because the two channels serve very different contexts to your different target audience sections. That’s why it’s best to design a marketing campaign which takes advantage of the strength of both email and social media.

Using these two channels together will help you grow your list faster and extend your email reach significantly.

You can integrate email and social marketing in these ways:

Invite Your Fans And Followers on Social Media To Your Email Community!

Traffic from your social media generally has an engagement rate that is lower than email. You also don’t have control over those properties you have on social media, which means that Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms could decide to shut your page down for some violation of its guidelines, and you’d lose all the work you put into building up your fan base and engaging them on the social platform.

This is why e-mail starts to look pretty good compared to social media.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to go out and kill your social pages. Yet another way to get the benefits from both channels is to collect the emails of your fans and followers on social media. Social sites can have a massive impact on your lead generation and on boosting your business’s brand awareness.

By inviting your social followers to join your list, you’re deepening your bond with them as email is a much more personal medium for communicating with them. Also, because you’ve already connected on social media, this will increase your opt-in rates significantly.

Use Social Sharing In Your Email!

This will help you generate even more traffic to your site. If you periodically send out email newsletters to your subscribers, you can use them to increase your content’s social reach. If you haven’t tried it before, now is the time to include social share icons right inside your email newsletters.

Social sharing can boost your CTR by up to 150%. Provide Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and social media pages share icons in your newsletters to make it easy for your readers to share your content. Getting those share icons on your emails is easy, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all email providers are going to display the social icon images.

This means that when you place them in your email, you need to create alt text for each of the icons. To get the optimum results, you should test the social sharing buttons for where your key audience hangs out primarily using various placements of the buttons on the page.

How To Use Social Media To Reduce The Loss Of E-Mail Subscribers!

No one wants to lose email subscribers, but it happens all the time no matter how well you’re doing with your list building efforts. Maybe the subscriber’s inbox is cluttered and he simply decides to bid goodbye to your newsletter for that reason alone.

You can offer the people who unsubscribe from your emails a chance to reconnect with you on social media. All you have to do is provide them with links to whichever social platforms you’re active on.


So, these are some useful tips to integrate e-mail marketing and social media. Keep on following our blog to find out more on how to managing at your best your e-mail marketing campaigns!

4 Tips For Your Summer Newsletters [With Examples]!

Summer is here and to a lot of us, it is the favorite part of the year. There are multiple reasons why we pick summer as our favorite season: first of all, probably, because it’s time we pack our bags and get away; or just because we can take some days off.

You know, we are all so busy during the whole year and we deserve to slow down, especially during sunny days, as we have planned all winter long. Speaking of planning, it’s time to prepare our newsletters for this summer. Let’s see some ideas and tips for a shiny newsletter!

1. No Fear To Play!

Summer is the perfect season to go a little crazy. Get in the summer mood and try to surprise your subscribers with a funny newsletter, game or whatever you want. Summer is the season of colors (and don’t forget to put into your newsletter that “summer breeze”). So, don’t be afraid of experimenting: this is the best way to catch your readers’ attention.

2. Make It Even Easier To Shop!

Most of our customers don’t take the laptop on the beach with them… but definitely, they won’t let their mobile phone at home! This is your chance to make it even easier to shop on mobile devices: don’t forget that a lot of your customers are on holiday, so they have spare time, they are relaxing and they are more likely to spend, even more than they are used to do during the rest of the year.

What are you supposed to do? Optimize copy and graphics to make your newsletter mobile friendly and design a layout easy to see and interact with on a small screen. Have special consideration for call-to-action buttons: they have to be clearly clickable elements. To make this clear, use bright colors and be careful to distinguish them from the rest of the content. Put them at the top of the page: your subscribers are on holiday and probably they don’t have so much to do, ok, but for sure they don’t want to scroll forever to find out what you are offering them. Finally, make your call-to-action buttons big enough to be clicked with a finger on a small screen.

Summer newsletter examples


3. Holiday Mood!

Every year the same old story… Before packing and flying away, we need to buy some new, special summer clothes and accessories. This is the perfect time to put all the necessary holiday accessories in your newsletter and dress it up in a suntanned atmosphere. Think about what your customers may need for their holidays, something they absolutely want to take along for their laziest days of the year. Finally, remind them to look awesome!

Summer newsletter

4. Time For Sales!

Each and every one of us loves coupons, promotions, free shipping and any kind of special offer. Cuddle your subscribers with some little treats, summer is (also) the perfect time for sales!

Summer newsletter ideas

What else? Have a nice summer!


Low Open Rate? How To Rescue It in 3 Steps!

When it comes to e-mail marketing, one crucial element is to engage our target. In order to understand whether we are hitting the nail on the head, the first index we should take a look to is the open rate. Actually, it is a marker that helps us understand immediately whether our e-mail marketing campaigns are successful or not (in this case, “successful” means that our newsletter catches the attention of our readers, makes them open our e-mail and lastly make them click on the contents we are promoting.

Are you noticing a strong decrease of the open rate in your last e-mail marketing campaigns, or even just in one of them? Here’s what you need to do to take remedial action!

1. Monitor Your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns Statistics!

First of all, you should always monitor the statistics of your e-mail marketing campaigns. Thanks to Kloudymail, you have your statistics at your fingertips and in a few clicks you can see the results of your last campaign, and if you want you can also compare the indicators with the ones of the former campaigns in order to check if your e-mail marketing activity is going well or not. If it’s not going as you were expecting, the first thing to do is to understand you’re having a problem and take immediate remedial action.

Of course, it could be just a coincidence, but it always better to act in order to avoid the same mistakes you might have done formerly. Here is our advice: don’t wait months overthinking about the spectacular idea for your next newsletter, but act immediately step by step with little expedients that you could find in your former successful campaigns.

2. Plan Your Next Steps!

Ok, you have analyzed your situation and now you know what went wrong. This is the perfect time to plan what you are going to do next. In other words, don’t leave the open rate to chance, but study your actions to increase the chances your next campaigns are going well.

Have this done, you just need to move. It’s not so easy as it may seem, but if you are going to do everything according to plan, you will discover a satisfied smirk on your face. What you need to do is to think about other expedients that could be useful to increase your e-mail marketing open rate. Is the subject right and is it in line with your target expectations? Is the design well done and responsive? Do you have good and profiled lists?

3. Hang In There!

You have acted and probably you are seeing your e-mail marketing campaigns producing excellent results, so hang in there. It’s like a diet: once you have lost weight, you need to carry on with a maintenance diet.

In a few words, even if your e-mail marketing campaign is going terrific, don’t rest on your laurels. Keep on monitoring the statistic, finding expedients to do better and better, read a blog like our to find out the better strategies in order to engage your target. And if you still have a doubt, do not hesitate to contact Kloudymail: we are always ready to give you a hand with your e-mail marketing job!

Kloudymail is Now a Partner of “Answer The Question” Digital Event!

Kloudymail, the multi-channel platform that allows you to manage your digital marketing activities, is now a partner in the digital event “Answer the Question”, which will be held on Saturday 4th May in Bologna.

Answer the Question aims to put the public at the center, offering participants the chance to actively participate and help shape the format of what will happen during the event itself, to ensure that everyone comes out of there with a wealth of skills that are actually useful. And this is one of the reasons why Kloudymail has decided to support Answer the Question through partnership: we too have been committed for some time to the organization of training events, starting with the E-Mail Marketing Summit, events that give space to the public in the classroom and leave them with lots of food for thought and with practical skills that can be spent immediately.

The “Answer the Question” panel of speakers is very respectable, and this is another reason why we decided to support ATQ: for the quality of the speakers and the topics. There will be Alessandro Mazzù – consultant and trainer -, Alessandro Vercellotti (Unico Avvocato del Digitale®), Alessandro Frangioni (Digital Strategist). And, again, the digital strategist and data scientist William Sbarzaglia, Piero Babudro (Creative Digital Content Strategist), Antonio Meraglia (Digital Video Strategist), Enrico Maioli (Consultant, UX design, digital marketing), BUTAC – Michelangelo Coltelli (blogger) and the professor Ermes Maiolica, a metalworker from Terni known as the king of fake news.

We from Kloudymail naturally will be present with special offers reserved to all the friends that we will meet in Bologna, Saturday 4th May from 9 at the Amati Design Hotel, in via Rigosa 14 in Zola Predosa (Bo).

Kloudymail is now Partner with Freelance Hub!

Kloudymail is proud to announce to be a partner with Freelance Hub, the first freelancers’ community born in Brescia. The project aims to make easier the daily working life of the freelancers thanks to useful advice and directions to follow.

Freelance Hub is born from an idea of Eleonora and Francesca Valenti (Valenti04 agency) and it has been presented to the freelancers and to the journalist on 21st March 2019 at Talent Garden in Brescia. After the press conference, it has been held the first lab, “Price Quotations? How exhausting…”, a speech by Augusto Pirovano (Super Good Life).

“We have created this project because we are first and foremost freelancers who prefer to work with other freelancers – Eleonora and Francesca Valenti state – We have long felt a lack of training and networks for self-employed workers in our area. Freelancers are devoted to research and professional growth but often they struggle to find tools, answers, which are often not unique. For this reason we have decided to give life to this community: to give, thanks to experts in the field of self-employment, concrete and useful answers both to those who are already self-employed, and to those who want to become one ”.

The Manifesto: #freelancersdoitbetter!

The project is born in order to promote the self-employment culture, drawing the public opinion and world of work’s attention to the freelance as a value, debunking the myth that working as a freelance is just a way out for the ones who don’t have any other professional chance. In other words, the freelancers are taken into consideration and enhanced as such, as a highly specialized professional t0 whom give universal “surviving” tools suitable for any field and role.

Kloudymail partner with Freelance Hub

Freelance Hub: The Goals

The path of Freelance Hub aims to create a freelancers’ multisectoral network useful to build new relationships and – why not? – to find new collaborations and chances of working.

One a month, Talent Garden will host the Freelance Hub meetings (subscription via Eventbrite). In October, it is scheduled the Freelance Day, in conjunction with the European Freelance Week.

Kloudymail is a partner of Freelance Hub

The Agenda

  • 11 Aprile, 6 pm: “Be Smart! Solutions and Safeguard for Freelancers”;
  • 16 May, 6 pm: “Personal Branding + Linkedin for finding new clients”;
  • 13 June, 6 pm: “E-Mail Marketing for freelancers”. This is the speech by Kloudymail aimed to explain why and how to start up a successful e-mail marketing activity;
  •  18 July, 6 pm: Cardiomarketing;
  • 19 September, 5 pm: Time Management;
  • 14 November, 6 pm: Mind Mapping.

Kloudymail in partnership with Freelance Hub

E-Mail Marketing for Freelancers: the Speech by Kloudymail

Freelancers – whatever os the field in which they work – often neglect e-mail marketing. The reasons are different: lack of time, of people who can deal with it, fear that it is a useless and too expensive investment … Actually, the e-mail marketing is a precious help for freelancers: with a low cost, it allows you to communicate with customers, to keep them updated, to make them more loyal and thus activate the well-known word of mouth that allows you to acquire new contacts and ultimately new customers.

The Freelance Hub speech is aimed at making freelancers understand why they should start doing e-mail marketing and above all to make them understand how to do it best thanks to valuable and useful tips on how to structure a newsletter, how to build a database, how to write the subject and content of a newsletter, and much more. 

Kloudymail E-Mail Marketing Class At Catholic University!

Enrico del Sordo, CEO and founder of WeKloud, the company that develops and distributes Kloudymail, on Thursday, March 21st will be at the Catholic University in Brescia to speak to the students in the third year of the degree in Linguistic Sciences, course in Marketing and International Marketing held by Professor Loretta Battaglia.

After a brief presentation of the company and its evolution over time, Enrico del Sordo will focus his speech on e-mail marketing. In particular, the class will be aimed at explaining how e-mail marketing is the ideal strategy for managing the relationship with the customer, to increase its brand loyalty, to manage the relationship better and to set up- and cross-selling activities. Moreover, Enrico del Sordo will show some practical cases to make students understand how to set e-mail marketing in the small companies in which, in a few months, they will work.

A morning, in short, focused on the logic, on the functioning of the software and on the multi-channel marketing strategy to train new marketing professionals who know how to speak the – just apparently simple – language of e-mail marketing.

Best Practices For Creating E-Mail Marketing Landing Pages!

Have you ever thought you can run your website without e-mail marketingIf yes, then you should think again!

Why?  It’s because a website drives only front-end sales, while 90% and more sales are achieved through e-e-mail marketing campaigns and other means.   

Why E-mail Marketing Is Crucial For Your Business

  1. E-mail users are forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion worldwide by 2019. (Source: Statista)
  2. Email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent. (Source: DMA)
  3. An email has a median ROI of 122%, which is four times higher than other marketing formats, including social media, direct mail, and paid search. (Source: eMarketer)   
  4. In the U.S. alone, e-mail users are projected to grow to 244.5 million by the end of 2017 and by 2020 it’s expected to grow to 254.7 million.   (Source: Statista) 
  5. E-mail checking while watching TV or while watching a movie has increased by 69%, in bed by 57% and on vacation by 79% and are constantly increasing.  (Source: Adobe)
  6. Brands that personalize marketing e-mails receive 27% higher click rates and 11% higher open rates than those that don’t personalize. (Source: Experian)

The biggest plus being, you can apply your conventional landing page conversion techniques to your e-mail marketing landing pages as well.  

After having highlighted the data behind e-mail marketing, let’s see some best practices for creating e-mail marketing landing pages that actually convert.

1. Clear Call To Action

It’s a killer feature that helps generate leads and more. So make sure to come up with crisp CTAs liners,  no matter whether you are selling chalk or cheese online.   

And yes, use power words like “Click Here,” and “Go” in your CTAs.  But, avoid words like “Submit.” Why? According to some research, this word could reduce the conversion rate almost by 3%. 

2. Single Call To Action

Want to sell several things at the same time, such as home page, blog page, product page and more? But the fact is, it doesn’t work. If conversions are what you are looking for, you need to get your customer focused on a single task at a time. So use only single call-to-action if you are serious about conversions.  

3. Look The Looks!

It goes without saying that landing pages and e-mail should look the same. And this includes everything under the sun – be it font, color and the overall look and feel of the landing pages and the emails. This is a must because when the customers leap from the landing page to the email page they should instantly connect with your message and not make them think, Oh no! Where have I landed, and things like that. Your landing page and e-mails should offer a unified experience for users.

4. Build Urgency!

The element of urgency can help accelerate conversions drastically. You need to employ call-to-action words such as today, now, and more to get more clicks. It makes people take action, which is exactly what a call-to-action is supposed to do.

5. Avoid the Form Format!

Generally speaking, people don’t like forms so much. So avoid them, if you can. But then, if it seems to be an impossible task for you, make sure to include only a few columns. Overloading it with columns is a sure-fire way to put off your audience.

6. Social Proof

Social proof could be used as an involvement device, telling visitors that if they wish to enjoy the same benefits that are already available to other subscribers, they too need to be part of the e-mail list.    

The most commonly used social proofs are social media “likes”  or “subscriber counts.” Buffer leverages social proof for its blogs’ newsletter.

7. Always Test Your Landing Pages

Not just your e-mail marketing campaigns, even your landing pages should be tested time and time again to maximize your email’s success rate

And testing is not a big headache.  You just need to keep playing with key elements such as image, text, call-to-action to make sure whether or not they resonate well with the audience. 

In conclusion, we can say several factors come together to make e-mail marketing success. But then, setting up an email-centric landing page is equally important if you are looking at lead generations. Take into account the above best practices and you will be good to go.

Now, it’s your turn. Does your company use email-centric landing pages for e-mail marketing campaigns? If yes, how has been the experience so far? Let us know!

How To Optimize Your Newsletters For All Devices!

Ok, here we are: you have created an outstanding-design newsletter. You are on cloud nine and you look forward to sending your e-mail marketing campaign to all your readers in order to see the impact on your clients. Before clicking on “Send”, though, have you checked that anything is in order? I mean, is your newsletter readable on any kind of device? In other words… Are you sure that your newsletter is effectively responsive?

As we all know, the matter we are talking about is not of little relevance: even the best-designed newsletter has no value if readers can’t interact with it on every channel. As e-mail marketing experts, we can’t afford such a big mistake because we’d run the risk losing a part of our readers who, in a situation like this, would unsubscribe from our newsletter service.

The Facts Behind The Theory

As we already explained in our former article, e-mail marketing is the most favorite channel for communication with brands to our clients. Furthermore, sending newsletters is still the strategy that gives the highest ROI and for this reason, marketers love e-mail marketing so much. Again, eMarketer reported that 69% of Americans use a smartphone and Statista has predicted that by 2019 there will be five billion users worldwide. But we still find websites and e-mails that aren’t responsive when displayed on small screens.

There’s more. In their 2017 Global Mobile Consumer Survey: US edition, Deloitte stated that “all 264 million US users collective look at their phones some 12 billion times a day“. So why are so many brands failing to optimize their content for small screens appropriately? Broadly, we can break this down into three key elements: lack of resources (which includes budget and staff), finding time and technology limitations. In order to help you to crossing these barriers, here you can find some tips you might find precious!

How To Address Your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns At A More Granular Level

  1. Use short subjects (not more than 30 characters);

  2. Make sure you use a one-column design, so e-mails are scalable for all kind of screens;

  3. Use a 600px maximum width;

  4. The right font size is between 14 and 16 for tge main body and 22 and 24 for the headlines;

  5. Make sure that the CTA buttons are not too small: the minimum size is 44×44 px;

  6. Add alt-text to your images as some e-mail clients block images by default;

  7. Be sure that your newsletters are accessible to all your users;

  8. Make sure also your e-mail marketing landing pages to be responsive;

  9. Test, test and test again!