Tips and ideas for summer newsletter

4 Tips For Your Summer Newsletters [With Examples]!

Summer is here and to a lot of us, it is the favorite part of the year. There are multiple reasons why we pick summer as our favorite season: first of all, probably, because it’s time we pack our bags and get away; or just because we can take some days off.

You know, we are all so busy during the whole year and we deserve to slow down, especially during sunny days, as we have planned all winter long. Speaking of planning, it’s time to prepare our newsletters for this summer. Let’s see some ideas and tips for a shiny newsletter!

1. No Fear To Play!

Summer is the perfect season to go a little crazy. Get in the summer mood and try to surprise your subscribers with a funny newsletter, game or whatever you want. Summer is the season of colors (and don’t forget to put into your newsletter that “summer breeze”). So, don’t be afraid of experimenting: this is the best way to catch your readers’ attention.

2. Make It Even Easier To Shop!

Most of our customers don’t take the laptop on the beach with them… but definitely, they won’t let their mobile phone at home! This is your chance to make it even easier to shop on mobile devices: don’t forget that a lot of your customers are on holiday, so they have spare time, they are relaxing and they are more likely to spend, even more than they are used to do during the rest of the year.

What are you supposed to do? Optimize copy and graphics to make your newsletter mobile friendly and design a layout easy to see and interact with on a small screen. Have special consideration for call-to-action buttons: they have to be clearly clickable elements. To make this clear, use bright colors and be careful to distinguish them from the rest of the content. Put them at the top of the page: your subscribers are on holiday and probably they don’t have so much to do, ok, but for sure they don’t want to scroll forever to find out what you are offering them. Finally, make your call-to-action buttons big enough to be clicked with a finger on a small screen.

Summer newsletter examples


3. Holiday Mood!

Every year the same old story… Before packing and flying away, we need to buy some new, special summer clothes and accessories. This is the perfect time to put all the necessary holiday accessories in your newsletter and dress it up in a suntanned atmosphere. Think about what your customers may need for their holidays, something they absolutely want to take along for their laziest days of the year. Finally, remind them to look awesome!

Summer newsletter

4. Time For Sales!

Each and every one of us loves coupons, promotions, free shipping and any kind of special offer. Cuddle your subscribers with some little treats, summer is (also) the perfect time for sales!

Summer newsletter ideas

What else? Have a nice summer!