Low Open Rate? How To Rescue It in 3 Steps!

Low Open Rate? How To Rescue It in 3 Steps!

When it comes to e-mail marketing, one crucial element is to engage our target. In order to understand whether we are hitting the nail on the head, the first index we should take a look to is the open rate. Actually, it is a marker that helps us understand immediately whether our e-mail marketing campaigns are successful or not (in this case, “successful” means that our newsletter catches the attention of our readers, makes them open our e-mail and lastly make them click on the contents we are promoting.

Are you noticing a strong decrease of the open rate in your last e-mail marketing campaigns, or even just in one of them? Here’s what you need to do to take remedial action!

1. Monitor Your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns Statistics!

First of all, you should always monitor the statistics of your e-mail marketing campaigns. Thanks to Kloudymail, you have your statistics at your fingertips and in a few clicks you can see the results of your last campaign, and if you want you can also compare the indicators with the ones of the former campaigns in order to check if your e-mail marketing activity is going well or not. If it’s not going as you were expecting, the first thing to do is to understand you’re having a problem and take immediate remedial action.

Of course, it could be just a coincidence, but it always better to act in order to avoid the same mistakes you might have done formerly. Here is our advice: don’t wait months overthinking about the spectacular idea for your next newsletter, but act immediately step by step with little expedients that you could find in your former successful campaigns.

2. Plan Your Next Steps!

Ok, you have analyzed your situation and now you know what went wrong. This is the perfect time to plan what you are going to do next. In other words, don’t leave the open rate to chance, but study your actions to increase the chances your next campaigns are going well.

Have this done, you just need to move. It’s not so easy as it may seem, but if you are going to do everything according to plan, you will discover a satisfied smirk on your face. What you need to do is to think about other expedients that could be useful to increase your e-mail marketing open rate. Is the subject right and is it in line with your target expectations? Is the design well done and responsive? Do you have good and profiled lists?

3. Hang In There!

You have acted and probably you are seeing your e-mail marketing campaigns producing excellent results, so hang in there. It’s like a diet: once you have lost weight, you need to carry on with a maintenance diet.

In a few words, even if your e-mail marketing campaign is going terrific, don’t rest on your laurels. Keep on monitoring the statistic, finding expedients to do better and better, read a blog like our to find out the better strategies in order to engage your target. And if you still have a doubt, do not hesitate to contact Kloudymail: we are always ready to give you a hand with your e-mail marketing job!