Kloudymail is Now a Partner of "Answer The Question" Digital Event!

Kloudymail is Now a Partner of “Answer The Question” Digital Event!

Kloudymail, the multi-channel platform that allows you to manage your digital marketing activities, is now a partner in the digital event “Answer the Question”, which will be held on Saturday 4th May in Bologna.

Answer the Question aims to put the public at the center, offering participants the chance to actively participate and help shape the format of what will happen during the event itself, to ensure that everyone comes out of there with a wealth of skills that are actually useful. And this is one of the reasons why Kloudymail has decided to support Answer the Question through partnership: we too have been committed for some time to the organization of training events, starting with the E-Mail Marketing Summit, events that give space to the public in the classroom and leave them with lots of food for thought and with practical skills that can be spent immediately.

The “Answer the Question” panel of speakers is very respectable, and this is another reason why we decided to support ATQ: for the quality of the speakers and the topics. There will be Alessandro Mazzù – consultant and trainer -, Alessandro Vercellotti (Unico Avvocato del Digitale®), Alessandro Frangioni (Digital Strategist). And, again, the digital strategist and data scientist William Sbarzaglia, Piero Babudro (Creative Digital Content Strategist), Antonio Meraglia (Digital Video Strategist), Enrico Maioli (Consultant, UX design, digital marketing), BUTAC – Michelangelo Coltelli (blogger) and the professor Ermes Maiolica, a metalworker from Terni known as the king of fake news.

We from Kloudymail naturally will be present with special offers reserved to all the friends that we will meet in Bologna, Saturday 4th May from 9 at the Amati Design Hotel, in via Rigosa 14 in Zola Predosa (Bo).