Kloudymail class at Catholic university

Kloudymail E-Mail Marketing Class At Catholic University!

Enrico del Sordo, CEO and founder of WeKloud, the company that develops and distributes Kloudymail, on Thursday, March 21st will be at the Catholic University in Brescia to speak to the students in the third year of the degree in Linguistic Sciences, course in Marketing and International Marketing held by Professor Loretta Battaglia.

After a brief presentation of the company and its evolution over time, Enrico del Sordo will focus his speech on e-mail marketing. In particular, the class will be aimed at explaining how e-mail marketing is the ideal strategy for managing the relationship with the customer, to increase its brand loyalty, to manage the relationship better and to set up- and cross-selling activities. Moreover, Enrico del Sordo will show some practical cases to make students understand how to set e-mail marketing in the small companies in which, in a few months, they will work.

A morning, in short, focused on the logic, on the functioning of the software and on the multi-channel marketing strategy to train new marketing professionals who know how to speak the – just apparently simple – language of e-mail marketing.