Kloudymail at Selling A.I. - The New Human Touch

Kloudymail at “Selling A.I. – The New Human Touch”, the event by Pianeta Italia on February 15th 2019 in Rimini!

On Friday 15th February 2019, Kloudymail with its CEO Enrico del Sordo will participate in the free event organized and promoted by Pianeta Italia “Selling A.I. – The New Human Touch“.

The event organizers have thought to such an event taking into consideration the reaserch “Marketer vs Machine”, which highlighted how automated processes bring benefits and tangible savings to companies. We are talking about a time savings of up to 74%, alongside an ability to involve customers of almost 70%. And that’s not all: communications to customers and offers increase on average by 58% and new sales or up-selling opportunities open up. Interesting, right? Kloudymail had already guessed the potential of automation at the very beginning, with the introduction of e-mail marketing automation, that is the feature allowing to send automatic e-mails based on external or internal triggers. In addition to the benefits already highlighted, the strong reason to choose automation is the chance of programming, managing and planning all communication operations. Like e-mail marketing campaigns.

The Event: Marketing Automation for E-Commerce and Tourism

The event organized by Pianeta Italia on February 15 will focus on the latest ways that artificial intelligence and automation open up for companies, especially those operating in the tourism field. To better understand what we are talking about, just think of the algorithms of Google, YouTube or Amazon, which – without even realizing it – are able to return results based on our preferences and our decisions, thus impacting on our future choices. In other words, artificial intelligence merges with marketing and influences the propensity to buy first and then the purchase itself.

It may seem difficult to reduce these dynamics in the field of tourism. Quite the contrary. At least once in our lifetime, we have all looked for a destination for our holidays, we asked for a quote, we started buying on an e-commerce site, but maybe we did not finish the operation because we found ourselves disoriented, the information was not enough clear … In short, nobody has guided us and encouraged to purchase. If this is true from the customer’s point of view, it is even truer from the point of view of the companies, that to be able to implement this process of guidance and customer orientation to the purchase until recently had to be very equipped: highly specialized people, perfectly integrated software, strategies, consultants … Now artificial intelligence and the tools available on the market allow also small and medium-sized companies to automate their e-mail marketing campaigns, recover lost customers and reward the loyalty of those already acquired, planning, selling and, ultimately, increasing turnover.

The event to be held on February 15th, therefore, wants to be an opportunity to get to know, analyze and discuss the issues of web marketing automation.


9:00 – Registration and Welcoming / Breakfast
9:20 – How the big data help digital campaigns (Lorenzo Succi, Uni.Rimini Spa manager and Tecnopolo di Rimini general manager)

9:50  – Tourism field and new challenges in the digital transformation (Edoardo Colombo, expert in innovation and tourism)

10:30 – E-mail marketing Automation for the tourism sector (Enrico del Sordo, expert in e-mail marketing and CEO of WeKloud)

11:30 – Coffee Break

11:30 – Sales Marketing Automation (Riccardo Rodella, expert in Marketing Automation 360 and SALESmanago Italia General Manager)
12:30 – The Italian chatbot,  (Luca Renzanigo, On-Bot Product Marketing)

At the end, a brunch will follow at the Quartopiano restaurant (inside the SGR Congress Center).

Free Entry – Mandatory Registration.

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