How To Optimize Your Newsletters For All Devices!

How To Optimize Your Newsletters For All Devices!

Ok, here we are: you have created an outstanding-design newsletter. You are on cloud nine and you look forward to sending your e-mail marketing campaign to all your readers in order to see the impact on your clients. Before clicking on “Send”, though, have you checked that anything is in order? I mean, is your newsletter readable on any kind of device? In other words… Are you sure that your newsletter is effectively responsive?

As we all know, the matter we are talking about is not of little relevance: even the best-designed newsletter has no value if readers can’t interact with it on every channel. As e-mail marketing experts, we can’t afford such a big mistake because we’d run the risk losing a part of our readers who, in a situation like this, would unsubscribe from our newsletter service.

The Facts Behind The Theory

As we already explained in our former article, e-mail marketing is the most favorite channel for communication with brands to our clients. Furthermore, sending newsletters is still the strategy that gives the highest ROI and for this reason, marketers love e-mail marketing so much. Again, eMarketer reported that 69% of Americans use a smartphone and Statista has predicted that by 2019 there will be five billion users worldwide. But we still find websites and e-mails that aren’t responsive when displayed on small screens.

There’s more. In their 2017 Global Mobile Consumer Survey: US edition, Deloitte stated that “all 264 million US users collective look at their phones some 12 billion times a day“. So why are so many brands failing to optimize their content for small screens appropriately? Broadly, we can break this down into three key elements: lack of resources (which includes budget and staff), finding time and technology limitations. In order to help you to crossing these barriers, here you can find some tips you might find precious!

How To Address Your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns At A More Granular Level

  1. Use short subjects (not more than 30 characters);

  2. Make sure you use a one-column design, so e-mails are scalable for all kind of screens;

  3. Use a 600px maximum width;

  4. The right font size is between 14 and 16 for tge main body and 22 and 24 for the headlines;

  5. Make sure that the CTA buttons are not too small: the minimum size is 44×44 px;

  6. Add alt-text to your images as some e-mail clients block images by default;

  7. Be sure that your newsletters are accessible to all your users;

  8. Make sure also your e-mail marketing landing pages to be responsive;

  9. Test, test and test again!