Top 5 E-Mail Marketing Trends To Expect To In 2019!

Top 5 E-Mail Marketing Trends To Expect To In 2019!

As you know even better than us, the e-mail marketing and, more generally, the digital marketing landscape is always changing, evolving, innovating… This could seem alarming, actually it introduces new huge business opportunities. You could say that digital marketing gives you tons of ways to increase the loyalty of current customers and get potential new ones. It’s true. You should know that at Kloudymail, we are very proud to support business by providing helpful resources and the knowledge needed to thrive in today’s digital marketing challenges. This is the reason why are about to tell you why it is still worth it to invest your time and your money in e-mail marketing, one of the smartest investment you can make (also) in 2019.

Below we’ll discuss 2019 top trends in e-mail marketing. Embrace them, and you’ll stay one step ahead!

1. Simple Design!

The first big change we are about to see in e-mail marketing is related to design: a lot of e-mail marketing experts want to switch from visually rich newsletters to the plain text contents. Why? Probably because heavy images burden e-mails up to the point where some of our subscribers don’t want to open them. Against this background, it is surely better to go back to the good old text contents than being too pushy. Creating newsletters in this way means to craft e-mails in the way they are supposed to be: a digital version of traditional letters. Experts have found that email users prefer plain text over HTML style emails that are heavy in graphics because plain text emails resemble a personal message that would be more likely to be sent by a family member or friend. When companies send plain-text emails, they feel more personable, sincere, and less sales-oriented. Consequently, you will see an impact on your e-mail marketing ROI.

2. Personal Privacy Respect!

This is not a small matter as it could seem: as we already know, there are regulations – for example GDPR – that are going strong in the direction of more strict privacy policies of personal information. You could say that we are not speaking about e-mail marketing strategy. It’s true, but this is a crucial change to take into consideration when we are about to communicate anything to EU citizens.

3. Storytelling!

If you have read the previous points, you know that one of the top 2019 e-mail marketing trends will be the plain text contents that are fine to increase your audience’s engagement. Now, the use of storytelling is also effective to grab readers’ attention and impact on their buying behaviors.

What are you supposed to do? Nothing impossible: you should become more and more expert in crafting e-mail marketing messages that include a story at the beginning of the mail. In order to make the use of storytelling effective, you have to be sure to identify the right audience to target and segment. Stories have the power to maximize the e-mail marketing ROI potential and this is the reason why the storytelling trend is about to get stronger: also the best e-mail marketing strategies develop over time…

4. A More Casual Tone of Voice!

Millennials are set to overtake baby boomers as the largest consumer demographic in the next few years. Consumers and decision makers from the millennial generation are more laid back and less formal than their predecessors. In the past, marketers placed a strong focus on using a formal, rigid tone and voice in their e-mail copy. That is changing and will continue to do so.

As millennials become the CEOs of businesses and the largest pool of consumers in the market, marketers will need to adapt how they “speak” to their audience using e-mail marketing. Humor will become more commonplace. Marketers will become more playful with their e-mails. You’ll see more curse words used in e-mail marketing. And in general, the tone and voice of marketing e-mails will become more casual and informal.

To be sure to use the right tone of voice for your audience, try A/B testing a few emails to see which ones produce better results.

5. Mobile Optimization!

Ok, it depends on your customer base’s need and on your products or services, but you should know that mobile e-mail accounts for 22% to 77% of e-mail opens. Furthermore, Statista reports that the number of smartphone users worldwide will exceed 2.8 billion by 2020.

With so many customers reading e-mails on their smartphones, it becomes more and more crucial that your newsletters are mobile responsive, so recipients can easily view them on their mobile devices wit minimal scrolling and zooming. And we are not done here. Responsiveness doesn’t have to do only with smartphones, as more customers ore potential ones are using tablets to read their e-mails. As you surely know, the screens of smartphones and tablets have different sizes and this is why it is so important that your e-mails respond to all-sized screens and render in the best way on all devices. If not, you can wave engagement goodbye and see your unsubscribe rate to climb to the roof.

Mobile optimization is not a new process, but it is getting more important as the mobile usage trend is booming. To summarize this point, all you have to do is to go easy on images and videos, to use responsive templates (it’s a piece of cake to do that with Kloudymail and K-Bricks), and to pay attention to CTA buttons and make them larger.


We know, there are many takeaways in this article. It’s very important, maybe more than ever, to stay up to date with emerging trends, like the ones we have discussed in this article. It’s also important that you embrace the trends listed above in order to remain on the cutting edge of e-mail marketing. If you’ll decide to ignore them… you’ll become obsolete quickly and you will fall behind your competitors, even the weakest ones.

You could be thinking that e-mail marketing is one of the oldest strategies in digital marketing, but we can guarantee that it is not obsolete at all. On the contrary, it still has the power to make or break a business, so you better prepare for the incoming trends and leverage the state of the art tactics in this field. Using the strategies we have talked about, you could take the business to the whole new level and earn a lot more subscribers (and customers).

If you are interested in learning more about how you can boost your e-mail marketing activities or bring e-mail marketing in your business, do not hesitate to contact us!