Digital Tips For Your Communication During The Christmas Season!

5 Digital Tips For Your Communication During The Christmas Season!

Are you ready for Christmas? Christmas trees along the avenues of the cities, Santa Claus offering sweets to the kids, a bewitching atmosphere that spreads anywhere… For most of the ones running a business in the consumer market, Christmas comes along with the best sales of the year, but you can do much more than just sell during the holidays. As you already know, digital communication is crucial for the success of your business, and more than ever during the Christmas period. This is not a quiet period for the marketing and communications offices because the customers’ interest is sky high. But by planning ahead and scheduling your digital communication activities, such as newsletters and, more in general, e-mail marketing campaigns, you could spend the holidays without a care! Here are some Christmas tips you will take advantage of!

Make the Digital Door Pump Sing With Newsletters!

The time before Christmas is naturally excellent sales time, but also the days around Christmas are very important. On those days, people have time to browse online, they want to use the present gift cards, and are looking to change the wrong size sweaters and the second funny sweater.

How To Target and Cross-Sell!

As we already said a lot of times, e-mail marketing remains the best way to boost sales. There’s a tough competition for opens and clicks before Christmas so targeting a message as specifically as possible will probably win the race. We suggest you use marketing automation: when you know what the customer bought for Christmas last year, you can suggest products based on that. If you don’t, you will have to settle for using segmentation the best you can.

The days before Christmas are not the only days when people are avid for shopping, and many people check their emails on the days between Christmas and the New Year. You should schedule B2C newsletters about the selection of your web stores for these days as a drip campaign, or upsell and cross-sell. For example, “Did Santa bring an iPhone X? Buy accessories at a special Christmas price!” will probably work better than a generic mass message.

Remember Loyal Customers and Reward Them!

A gift is generally more appreciated than a discount or a promotion. Send a pretty Christmas gift email with a great offer, a gift or a Christmas drink invitation to your customers.

Open with campaigns and practicality

If you only do one substantial campaign a year, Christmas is usually the best time for that. Send a Christmas calendar campaign as an automated e-mail marketing campaign, use imagination in Christmas competitions, offer the opportunity to create wish lists to Santa and make a few come true, etc.

Are You Busy? Here Are Some Practical Tips!

Remember that even though Christmas is a magic time for many of us, it is also the golden age of stress. Think about how you could simplify the Christmas period for your customers: offer just the right presents and ideas as easily as possible, provide the presents pre-packed and delivered by Christmas day, and target your messages carefully.

Let’s make an example. Use headings such as “Order in 24 hours, you will receive in time for Christmas!” or “Buy today and still receive for Christmas”. Many fathers will be happy to receive a message listing the top 20 Christmas gift wishes of teenage girls or the best gift ideas for a wife or a girlfriend. Another good option is the message sent a day before Christmas Eve: “Haven’t bought your gifts yet: you still have time!”. And don’t forget one more reminder via SMS!

Don’t let the customers slip away: remember that they might appreciate your help in the hassle. If the customer has once shown interest in a best seller book but hasn’t bought it yet, you should remind him about a book in a few days – and offer a couple of other options from your store, maybe picking from the 2018 best sellers!

Using gift cards

Surprisingly many gift cards received as Christmas presents remain unused every year – and simultaneously the up-selling possibilities coming with them are left unused. Encourage using the gift card by sending an automated newsletter containing the gift card tips to the person who bought it. Urge them to tell the tips to the receiver of the gift or forward the newsletter after giving the gift. Send a reminder a few months before the gift card expires.

2. You’ll (Maybe) Take a Rest, Your Social Profiles Don’t!

Social media goes silent during the holidays so the active marketer stands out. Plan and schedule social media posts for the holidays if you are planning to take some days off.

If you are not supervising the situation and reacting to it, you should stick to simple, neutral and positive messages, season’s greetings, or elegant pictures with a nice atmosphere, nothing too controversial. Check that your messages are clear unless you wish to spend your holidays answering threads and clarifying the fine print on the offer.

3. Christmas Spirit With A (Content) Soul!

In addition to being an excellent time to sell, the time preceding Christmas is also a great chance to create great contents, build your brand and nurture customer relationships. Provide tips on how to use the leftover Christmas food, compile Christmas traditions from the old days, run a Christmas competition or write a festive story.

Christmas brings up a lot of emotions and excitement and you should make use out of it. This is the time to share the cutest pictures of office dogs with elf hats, create Christmas themed brand video or a Christmas song playlist on Spotify that represents you as a company.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the visuality of Christmas. The pictures of Christmas time and tips for the season are excellent material, especially for the more visual social media. Create tips, ideas or a beautiful image collection on Pinterest or launch a Christmas picture competition on Instagram.

Christmas is a good time to bring forth the softer side of the company. Do volunteer work, collect Christmas presents for the less fortunate, have an internal vote charity and donate the company’s Christmas present money to them. And, for sure, don’t forget to spread what you are doing!

Make Christmas Traditions Digital!

Many Christmas traditions can be transferred into the digital world. Don’t you believe it? Give gifts yourself and enable giving electronic gifts through your company, build a digital Christmas calendar, or compile Christmas tips on Instagram.

4. A Christmas Dress For Your Website!

Many web stores collect a lot of visitors on the days between Christmas and New Year but other sites are visited as well. If you expect a great number of visitors, change the layout into a Christmas themed one. If you anticipate a lot of sales during the Christmas days, check the front page, and schedule it to be full of offers. Needs are very different before and after Christmas, and if you plan to go on vacation for a long time, you should schedule a series of offers in advance so that the front page always stays interesting.

Christmas presents might bring on your site people who would not otherwise have become your customers. Be sure to recognize them immediately, and create an automatic campaign that turns these Christmas visitors into customers over time.

Usability is Always a Must, Especially on Christmas!

Holiday is a good time to take a look at your website with a critical eye. Can customers wait for your support for a couple of days or will they be instantly angry? The more extensive your customer service section is, the less there is a need for basic requests from the customers. Perhaps you could create product demos or add video tutorials for the users.

Think about that and make the best choice for your brand!

5. Automate The Customer Service!

Make sure that the customer is taken care of even though you yourself are bundled up reading your Christmas present books. Instead of leaving the customer wondering what happens after filling in the contact form, you should automate customer service by sending an introduction package of the products or the FAQ of your products, for example. At the same time, you might want to tell them when you’re back at work, and what to do if they are simply unable to wait.

Marketing and communications is an entity that can’t be separated. You can do it! You can manage any aspect of your digital communications effortlessly and automatically. Merry Christmas!