Kloudymail lead generation Wordpress plugin

The New WordPress Plugin For The Lead Generation By Kloudymail!

Kloudymail presents its brand new WordPress plugin named Kloudymail Lead Generation. Kloudymail WordPress plugin is a very useful e-mail marketing tool that allows you to add a customizable newsletter sign-up opt-in form to your WordPress based website as a widget, linking it to one of the lists chosen by you among the lists saved in your Kloudymail platform.

This is just an introduction: let’s see together how you can use the brand new WordPress plugin for the lead generation developed by Kloudymail!

Kloudymail WordPress plugin

WordPress Plugin Developed By Kloudymail: What it Does

For sure, you are impatient to find out what the new WordPress plugin for lead generation powered by Kloudymail does. Here we are: it is a not-to-be-missed tool for all Kloudymail users in order to empower your performance and make your e-mail marketing activities even easier and faster. How?

  • You can create a customizable sign-up double-opt-in form to be published on one or more pages of your website;
  • Thanks to this form, your visitors will be able to subscribe to your newsletter and to accept to receive your messages, even the promotional ones;
  • The information you are going to collect through the sign-up form will be saved in your Kloudymail account, within the list you have previously chosen.

Yes, you have understood it right: the Kloudymail WordPress plugin supports the double-opt-in confirmation, and it is highly recommended to safeguard your users’ personal data and to be GDPR compliant. Furthermore, this solution ensures spam traps not to be added to the lists.

When it comes to unsubscription methods, it works exactly the same as now: you can add the unsubscription link in the footer of your newsletter.

One more thing, that sounds more like a suggestion: as you already know as a Kloudymail user, our digital marketing solution supports SMS too. Whether it is right for your communication strategy, you could decide to collect mobile phone numbers along with e-mail address, name, surname, and so on.

Kloudymail WordPress plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected some of the most frequent questions we have received since when we have announced in the first place the launch of the Kloudymail WordPress plugin. Let’s see some of them:

Can I add multiple subscription forms?

Yes, you can add multiple subscription forms to multiple pages linked to different lists.

When a user subscribes, will he be redirected to Kloudymail platform?

No, he will display only a message informing him the subscription was successfully saved.

Will my users receive a confirmation e-mail?

You can choose whether you want to send a confirmation email or not by using “Notify the user” checkbox (enabled by default).

Can I change the graphic of subscription forms?

Yes, you could edit form_style.css in /wp-content/plugins/kloudymail.

Kloudymail WordPress plugin

Kloudymail WordPress Plugin: How To Install

Now let’s talk about something more practical: how to install the Kloudymail WordPress plugin. It’s very easy and fast: search the WordPress Kloudymail Plugin in the WordPress plugin section (you can use both the website both the backend of your WordPress based website by adding a new plugin), download it and then activate it.

Alternatively, you could also follow these steps:

  1. Upload the plugin files in the directory /wp-content/plugins/ or install via WordPress plugins manager;
  2. Activate via plugins manager in WordPress;
  3. Go into Kloudymail>Settings and fill in the blanks (also reCaptcha);
  4. Now you can create your forms.

If you might need any help, do not hesitate to contact us: send an e-mail to help@wekloud.com and you will have all the answers you are looking for!

Kloudymail WordPress plugin