K-Bricks, Kloudymail block editor totally updated

K-Bricks: Kloudymail Presents Its Block Editor (Renewed And With Its Own Web Site)!

Kloudymail presents the new K-Bricks! Right, our block editor is now renewed and becomes even easier to use, more intuitive, even more beautiful to see and will also be testable independently of Kloudymail. Let’s go in order: that’s how K-Bricks changed!

K-Bricks: Kloudymail Presents Its Block Editor

The new K-Bricks, Kloudymail’s Block Editor is Even More Beautiful (and Easy)!

Let’s start by explaining what K-Bricks is and how it works. K-Bricks is the responsive block editor developed and progressively updated by Kloudymail; it is a tool that allows you to create newsletters easily and quickly. Thanks to the “drag & drop” editor, K-Bricks allows you to build perfect and flawless communication by dragging the elements – whether text blocks, images or buttons – to the desired position.

How does Kloudymail’s block editor – now completely updated in features and interface – work?

First of all, you need to know that you can create your basic layouts and then edit the contents according to the type of communication you are about to create. You can use a more formal template in order to send service alerts, for example, and a more creative layout in order to promote a new product. Of course, anything depends on your communication style and the sector in which you operate, but you will see that in K-Bricks you can find a precious ally to free your creativity and spread your identity strongly. Furthermore, you have the chance to edit the background color, padding or alignments for each brick you are using, building step by step the type of communication you need.

K-Bricks: Kloudymail has a totally renewed drag and drop editor

K-Bricks Has a Brand New Website!

As we already said, starting from now K-Bricks – up to now of exclusive prerogative of the multi-channel marketing platform Kloudymail’s users – becomes independent! How? Through the site dedicated to K-Bricks, a new way to interact with us and to experience all the possibilities of our block editor.

Through the K-Bricks website – now reachable by anyone, worldwide and from all devices – now you can try out the full potential of our block editor. For example, you can create a newsletter, download the template itself HTML code and, soon, you will even able to create your own landing pages!

Here are some examples of what you can do thanks to the new K-Bricks website:

  • You can create a newsletter template by putting in your images;
  • You can put in the text bricks,  editable and customizable by font and color (and if you want, you can also anchor links to the text);
  • You can add call-to-action buttons;
  • You have the chance to add social icons to link your social profiles;
  • You can try the test tools;
  • You can add the links to update the preferences as stated by the GDPR

To find out everything else, you just have to visit the K-Bricks site and start playing with the bricks!

K-Bricks, Kloudymail's block editor has its own website

Fine, isn’t it? Now everything is up to you: visit the new K-Bricks website and, if you need more info, do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a trial version of Kloudymail (K-Bricks is included, of course)!