Kloudymail at Cyber Security & Digital Economy

Kloudymail represents Italy at the Italian Embassy in London!

On Thursday, October 11, Kloudymail CEO Enrico del Sordo participated in the “Cyber Security and Digital Economy” conference, invited by the ICE Agency – Italian Trade & Investment Agency – which organized and promoted the initiative in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in London and the CCSIRS (Center for Cyber Security and International Relations Studies of the University of Florence).

Kludymail represent Italy at Italian Embassy in London

The seminar aimed to support and promote the most disruptive Italian companies, in order to allow them to deal with British companies and institutions – including, among others, the Consul, the Armed Forces and numerous British authorities – and to give birth to new scientific-technological and productive partnerships with local companies and institutions.

Furthermore, Kloudymail – selected with 11 other Italian companies – had the opportunity to present itself, to present its activity and its continuous efforts aimed at innovation in front of a hundred people. Enrico del Sordo talked about the multi-channel marketing solution Kloudymail, the developments from birth until today, explaining how the software has evolved, updated and what are the directions already drawn for the future. And probably there would not have been a more suitable occasion: the conference was organized in the United Kingdom because the UK indeed was at the forefront in the fight against cyber-criminal attacks – a phenomenon progressively increasing – towards both public and private organizations.

Kludymaill at Italian Embassy in London

The day was dense and very interesting. After the opening by Raffaele Trombetta, Italian Ambassador in London since the beginning of this year, we listened to the point of view of the British National Cyber-Security Center. The morning continued with Roberto Baldoni (director of the Italian NSC) and with the presentations of the Italian companies selected by the ICE.

Before the lunch break, the speeches focused on challenges and opportunities with an overview of the state of cyber-security on the international level and of public-private partnerships; we listened to the speeches of Paul Cornish from the Oxford University, Paolo Prinetto from CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics) and Luigi Martino, Head of the CCSIRS of the Florence University.

In the afternoon it was the turn of Nick Coleman, a University Professor, and Joel Van Dylan (London Stock Exchange Group.) The afternoon continued with the meeting between B2B investors and innovative Italian companies.

For Enrico del Sordo and the whole Kloudymail team, it was a great honor to participate and take part in a conference of this level, where we brought our experience and at the same time we learned new concepts useful to improve and grow further.