5 Tips on How to Improve Your Conversion Rate

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Nowadays, each and every one of us has a ton of channels and tools for reaching a wide audience worldwide and get more customers and we should take advantage of it in the best possible way. Starting with our company website, specifically designed to attract visitors that could turn into clients, to show what we do and what is our best, and drive traffic, we should end the game by leading the visitors to engage our business, both by making purchases or choosing the services we are offering. Sometimes, though, this doesn’t seem working in the same way as we have pictured it. Ok, we could get a lot of traffic to our website, but the number of visitors taking the desired action is not rising enough. What are we supposed to do to increase our conversion rate?

Here you can find some tips to face (and win) this challenge: start now optimizing your conversion rates and turn your visitors into customers!

#1 – Keep Your Homepage Easy

How many times have you visited a website to find out some information and you have got put off by the homepage? This happens to every one of us, at least once in a lifetime. Some of us could have been stopped by the design, format, colors, or some other disputable features. For sure, we want to avoid this to happen on our website: to achieve this goal, we just have to keep the homepage simple. Meaning: simple to navigate, easy to find anything the customer needs and easy and fast when it comes to complete a purchase.

By simplifying your website, you could increase your conversion rate up to 200-250%, at least twice as many conversions as your website previously had.

#2 – Increase Your Page Speed

This could seem like a small thing, but the loading speed of our website pages is crucial. Everything in the world we are living in is so fast and the same should apply also to our websites. Web visitors have no time, they are impatient and are not willing to spend time waiting for our pages to load. In their way of seeing things, everything should happen as soon as they click the button. So, don’t’ forget to increase the page speed if you want to get more conversions. And when we say “speed”, we mean “speed”: a delay of just one second could result in a 7% conversion decrease. Imagine what a 5-second delay could do…

#3 – Include Testimonials

There are very few things working wonder like including testimonials. You could be wondering why testimonials work so well, and this is the answer: people want to feel safe and be sure they aren’t the first ones to try something out; they want to know that there are others who have tried it and that it worked for them. These kinds of evidence give people the right confidence to engage our business. So remember always to share testimonials from your satisfied customers and ensure the could be verifiable: if they are not, this could be counterproductive for your business. Make sure the testimonials are on your homepage too: this could make your conversion increase by 30/40% on average. In a few words, testimonials work.

#4 – Add Video Testimonials

We already know why testimonials are so crucial in order to increase conversions. If you wanna take a step further, share those testimonials as video: in this way, you will push your conversion rates even higher. People are more likely to believe a story if they have the chance to see the person who is telling the story, than if the same story is told by images and text. Some brands have seen their conversion rate increase by more than 160% after adding video testimonials to their homepage. So, what are your waiting for before trying it?

#5 – Be Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, most of the people navigate the internet using mobile devices (and the number keeps growing). This means that more than half of your potential customers are looking for products and service on smartphones and tablets. To be in line with their habits, you just have to optimize your website for mobile devices. To be mobile friendly is no more an option, it’s a requirement you can’t ignore.

By implementing a mobile-friendly design on your website, you can increase your conversion rate by 20%. Why haven’t you already done it?

These are Kloudymail’s tips to increase your conversion rate. It is never too early to adopt these tips and start to make your conversion rate increase!