Contact rating, Kloudymail new feature!

A new feature for Kloudymail clients: the contact rating!

In order to keep constantly updated and satisfy more and more our clients’ cravings, the software for sending newsletter Kloudymail has now a new feature. Starting from today, Kloudymail provides a contact rating for each of your e-mail marketing contact, on a scale from zero to five stars.

Kloudymail contact rating, how does it work?

Starting from today thanks to Kloudymail contact rating, you can really know if your contacts are engaged in your e-mail marketing campaigns. The stars measure the subscribers’ engagement in terms of opened e-mails and clicks. Practically speaking, the more a contact is engaged in your communications, the higher is the contact rating.

A five-star contact, for example, is really highly engaged. Meaning, this recipient opens or clicks your e-mail marketing campaigns very frequently. Differently, a zero-star-contact is no more engaged in your e-mails for some reason: maybe your messages are not so interesting for this kind of user or maybe you are missing the target… Anyway, the reasons for a contact not to be engaged are a lot. You are in charge of sending re-engagement campaigns to win back the subscribers that haven’t opened your e-mails or clicked since a long time.

Kloudymail contact rating… at a glance!

Star RatingContact Activity
No engagement.

 Low engagement. This contact engagement in your e-mail marketing campaigns is not constant nor consistent.
 Medium engagement. Your contact engages with your e-mail marketing campaigns, but this engagement rate needs to be improved. Maybe your contact is just a new subscriber.
 Medium-high engagement. This recipient often opens or clicks your campaigns.
 High engagement. This recipient opens or clicks your campaigns very consistently.

What you can do with Kloudymail contact rating feature

The contact rating feature is very useful when it comes to your e-mail marketing activities. We are still working in order to set up the chance to segment your subscribers according to their rating.

In the meantime, we recommend you to export your lists (don’t forget that you can check the contact rating also in the exported files) and create new lists with only 4- or 5-stars users. You can reward them with targeted campaigns that offer promotions, discounts, or other precious rewards for their business. In this case, you can be sure that you’ll receive a feedback from them!

You can also choose to re-engage inactive subscribers who haven’t been active for a while. All you have to do is creating a list with low contact rating subscribers to re-engage them with your brand.

All new subscribers start out with a 2.5-star rating.

As you can see, Kloudymail team works hard every day in order to improve the software for sending newsletter and consequently your e-mail marketing strategies. Keep on reading our blog, other news will come soon!