Kloudymail participates at the CSA Summit 2018

Kloudymail participates at the CSA Summit, the European event dedicated to e-mail business

Kloudymail as an e-mail marketing and newsletter software is constantly strengthening its market position and is growing thanks to the daily efforts aimed at improving the software, interface, and mainly infrastructure quality.

In this setting of improvement there are events not to be missed, such as the CSA Summit 2018 at which Kloudymail is participating right in these days, along with more than 100 European companies. The event is focused on “Emails & More” and has been organized to spread awareness of how crucial it is to send quality e-mail in order to get good achievements in terms of deliverability and conversion rate, winning factors in reducing complaints and spam filtering.

Kloudymail at the CSA Summit 2018

Emails & more: what’s the CSA Summit 2018 about?

The CSA Summit 2018 is focused on the hottest topics related to sending e-mail and newsletter software like Kloudymail. The agenda is a sort of journey to “Inboxland” and to review new factors that can best reward frequent e-mailers, such as the influence of new regulations on the e-mail business (GDPR, eprivacy), technical features impacting branding, trends and innovations reshaping customer experience and much more.

CSA Certification: the benefits

As we already said, the Kloudymail team is implementing every possible effort in order to get the best quality and efficiency out of the e-mail marketing and to be rewarded by the market. This is the reason why we took the path to the CSA certification, a crucial certification for e-mail marketing software like Kloudymail. CSA Certification will allow us and consequently our clients to improve deliverability of e-mails, to reduce spam filtering, to increase and optimize the inbox placement rate, to promote our trustfulness and reputation and to be part of a lively e-mail experts community.

The Certified Senders Alliance CSA has more than 1.000 members and it is the largest internet industry association in Europe. The goal of CSA is to increase the quality of e-mails. To achieve this goal, the CSA establishes legal and technical quality standards.

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