Why is it important to keep your list clean?

Owning a good list of contacts, precise and informative, is the first step to achieving an effective e-mail marketing campaign. But in order for it to be well created and placed with care, our mailing list requires a constant maintenance work. Why is it important to clean your contact list? When a newsletter is sent to an incorrect address, the problem is not only the “non-delivery”, but this action endangers our entire web marketing strategy because the deliverability influences the value of IP reputation.

What is a bounce?

When a bounce happens, it means that our email has been rejected by the address of the recipient. In fact, bounce means literally return. Sent to a specific address, the e-mail was sent back by the server that received it, saying that it could not be delivered. As a traditional letter, your communication is, in this case, sent back to you.

The emails can go back for different reasons. Generally, the bounce can be divided into two types:

  • Soft bounce, a temporary error, which can occur because the recipient’s mailbox is full, or because the message or attachments are too “heavy” or finally because there was a server problem (inactive or overload);
  • A hard bounce, on the contrary, is a serious error that does not allow e-mail delivery because the address was wrong or inactive.

Kloudymail helps you to optimize your e-mail marketing automatically by disabling invalid e-mail in the campaign. This action helps you in maintaining a clean contact list, without dirtying the stats or avoiding the risk of lowering the IP reputation.

In addition, by selecting a contact list of Kloudymail you can “start the washing machine” to clean up the list in question by e-mail addresses that have already generated bounce.

Tips to clean your contact list

To keep the contact list clean, it is important to ask for confirmation from users who have subscribed to our newsletter. Kloudymail puts these addresses in a separate list, eliminating all those which are misspelled. It is essential also to check the bounce statistics to see if the bounce is connected with problems with a specific mail domain.

The time taken to cure the lists will be repaid with a more efficient campaign.