Unsubscribe link: an ally for your e-mail marketing strategy

When you say “the more the merrier” you have to be aware that this sentence is not correct for the lists you use to send newsletters. Having “dirty lists” (which means lists with people that are not really interested in receiving your e-mails) is a negative aspect. It is a negative aspect under several points of view, among some of them, transparency, reputation, deliverability and performance. Adding the unsubscribe link to your e-mails is correct and it is also a precious helper for your business. Let’s see why the unsubscribe link is a great ally for your marketing strategy.

Unsubscribe link: easy and intuitive

A recent research by Radicati predicts that, by 2019, there will be 2.9 billion e-mail users. Starting from this point, it has also been predicted that, in two years, there will be 126 e-mails sent and received by business users everyday. These numbers underline how it is now more than ever understandable that, some of your contacts, will not want to receive your newsletters anymore.

Do you really think that if you don’t use the unsubscribe link your contact will not find another way to stop receiving your e-mails?

There are for sure other ways to stop receiving your mails and no one of them is good for your business. For example, if your client will not find any unsubscribe link, he/she will classify your e-mail as spam. A highest number of your e-mails will be classified as spam by your contacts, the more the reputation of your IP will get worst. The result will be a worst deliverability and a lower success of your campaign.

Another thing that can happen to you, it’s the report of an abuse. This action made from your client usually because he/she can’t find the unsubscribe link, will have really important consequences on your server: it can be suspended.

Simplifying the proceed of unsubscribe will show that you respect your clients and you don’t want to oblige them to be part of your business world. Moreover if you show your respect by creating an unsubscribe link, it will be less probable that the contact classify your e-mail as spam. And, who knows, in the future that client might come back.

Unsubscribe link in order to be in line with the privacy law

Even if some people can object that the privacy laws are not so clear, we have to admit that some concept are more than clear: they are transparent.

Unsubscribe LinkThe instruction about the privacy in the newsletters is clear. In fact it says that the client that receive the mail, has to be able to unsubscribe fro your list whenever he/she wants and for whichever reasons. These laws are not just typical of Italy: they are, in fact, European, American and Canadian.

If you are interested to get to know more about the regulation of different state here you can find the European directive, here the one from United States and here the on from Canada.

Clean and interactive lists thanks to the unsubscribe link

Allow the less interested people to unsubscribe from your service of e-mail marketing, will change your list: they will be cleaner and more defined. Having lists of people that are really interested in your products or your service, will allow also to understand your target. Having a clear target will help you to create more effective and interesting newsletter. Moreover, having a better awareness of who your clients are, will help you to create product and services more and more attractive from them. You will become an expert of your client’s desire.

Use the unsubscribe link as an ally of your reputation

Anti-spam filter are working hard in order to evolve in a more personalized way. As we said, improving the segmentation of your lists will allow you to improve your IP reputation. The unsubscribe link is, in this way, an ally because less reports of Spam and of e-mail binned will improve your reputation.

In conclusion, as Cesare said, “if you can’t win against your enemy, let him become your friend”. Become friend with unsubscribe link, it will be an amazing alley!