Let’s write together the subject of your newsletter

Ok, the mailing campaign is ready!

The layout is exciting, the font size is perfectly calibrated, the pictures are captivating…and the lists? The lists have been carefully and painstakingly filled with targeted clients. All have been consciously profiled and are your target audience. Perfect, it’s time to send!

Suddenly, before launching the mailing campaign, you find yourself stuck in front of the “Subject” field. No! The subject! How could you have forgotten!

Why is this crucial element to a successive e-mail marketing campaign so often overlooked? We think it will be easy to highlight and encapsulate every aspect of the email in one word or a short phrase. And therein lies the mistake! It is the subject that determines the fate of your newsletter!

Seconds after reading the subject line, the recipient will decide to either read or delete your email. You do the same, don’t you?

Therefore, you need to carefully decide on what you enter in the “Subject” field. It seems like a simple task, but when you’re expected to sum up all the content and the value of your newsletter in roughly 5 or 6 words, they need to be extremely enticing to guarantee viewers open the message. In other words, it’s no simple task.

Communicating everything in short texts is much more complex than writing long and descriptive paragraphs. Therefore, here are some tips for how to write the subject line for an e-mail marketing campaign.

Be professional!

The reader must understand that the message doesn’t contain spam, viruses or computer-related fraud.

But how can you do this?

– All items must be consistent with the sender. We consider the sender as the communicator and the subject line indicates what it is the sender wants to communicate.

– Brevity: The number of characters entered in the “Subject” must be limited. In fact, the field can only contain 50/60, nevertheless it’s important to consider that on a smartphone a maximum of 20 characters are displayed.

– Avoid ambiguity: you don’t want to mislead your reader. You may write a subject line full of expectations, but while this may lead to many first time openings, it will eventually lead to a loss of confidence and a flop for future marketing campaigns.

Intrigue is a winning card to play.

Here’s how to use it:

– Simplicity: get straight to the point without lots of frills;

– The news: sell your product with a subject line like a news headline (eg. “70% of men choose PowerBody”);

– How… : start a sentence with “How …” gives the impression of helping solve a problem or meeting a need(eg. “How to improve the performance of your campaigns”);

– Indicate the action: explicitly invite the reader to do what you want (eg. “Download the e-book of e-mail marketing!”)

I conclude by advising you then take all the time necessary to draft the perfect subject line! Promise?