Landing page for email marketing: how to design it

The landing page could act as a blessing for any valid operator on the web. The landing page plays an important role, where it could make the difference between success or failure of an email marketing campaign, not to mention the entire business of selling products and/or provision of services, because eventually, that is where the primary impact will be created.

Even experts insist that there is no perfect landing page, which acts as a certain victory.

However, there is a landing page … for every occasion.

That’s right, because the one that is perfect, just on the basis of the goods or services offered, is the one that is able to persuade the visitor, binding him in a spontaneous and convincing manner.

The popularity rating of a page, in spite of what we come to think of, is not the product of a magic formula of valid strategies, intended to make the landing page the key to success of our email marketing business, however, some exist.

Let’s discover some of them below.

1. Clean Layout for guaranteed attention

How many times have we found ourselves in a situation where we have been forced to carefully scan the text on a website, in search of ways to buy the products, the contact section, or worse, of the list of services offered by the portal?

What’s worse is that a lot can happen on a page just through sending newsletters.

Simply absurd.

Order and clarity are extremely important elements for an effective landing page, this can generate best results in terms of conversions.

The layout should have an effective language: one that the visitor understands.

Remember, the visual effect is independent to the degree of knowledge as to how the visitor is able to create: a landing page that encourages immediate insight from everyone, indiscriminately and undifferentiated, it is the road that leads to conversions easily.

2. Title and text: summarize the offer … gracefully

The title of any landing page provides a proposition to the potential customer, and especially, the landing page of the newsletter, where the recipient of the email finds the promotion.

Overt – Inside, the focus should be on getting the attention of the reader and this should be done in a fraction of a few seconds, this is the time where the reader focuses on viewing a dedicated page which has drawn his attention.

So, let’s start with the title, yes, it must be borne as much as possible and meaningful.

The title must be effective, there is no other appropriate adjective.

And the text should be a mere variation, let’s say, like an expansion of the title.

You do not need many words, but the right ones, you do not need to put pressure on the visitor by putting him against the clock at the end of an offer, nor does it serve it right to make him feel insignificant, for not having enjoyed that offer.

None of this is absolutely beneficial to the visitor, and, most importantly, let’s think: is it really for those that aim to increase the client base through its email marketing campaign?

3. Call to action: the invitation that leads to action

The core business, let’s call it, of email marketing is the call to action, the fact is that, in reality, a few are aware about this.

Few are aware of this great opportunity to promote lead generation via messages, which can lure the visitor to the desired action, provided they are handled effectively in a professional and elegant manner.

Well let’s think: What would the purpose of a campaign of sending newsletters be, if it would reveal everything, without an explicit invitation to the viewer to take a given action?

And, as if someone invites us to participate in an exhibition of paintings without showing the pictures.

Or someone could ever think of putting up a good, valid and effective email marketing campaign for its own sake? Spending without any self-interest?

4. Look & feel: the harmony that makes the whole thing

The landing page can not be considered perfect, if, it is not able to give a concrete answer to what visitors expect to find there.

Visitors’ expectations: It looks absurd, is it this what represents the winning card, the heart beat of every email marketing campaign.

The reader must be able to, with immediate impact, feel in the right place at the right time.

The visitor must be able to realize that he had found what he wanted: There it is! Right in front of his own eyes. Hence, he can finally put an end to his extensive research.

And this methodology aids to set up a viable newsletter campaign, which, let’s face it, once and for all, sometimes it is planned in a very bad, much to go even to the detriment of effective and persuasive business promotion.

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